*Operation Get Healthy

Dreaming: Introverted Style

Lately, when I dream, I have full conversations with people I know. All night long. I walk room to room, sit with somebody, have a conversation with them about some random point of interest, and then walk to another room, sit with someone else I know, or a few people, and chat with them about a few things. I think my subconscious is crying out for real conversation.

I know this is happening because as I scroll through facebook, or read some random blog post on the web, or prepare an amazing meal with no trouble and it being processed-free, I think of someone to share that post, or meal, with. And, I have mental conversations with people about something they put on facebook all too often.

There are two definite downsides to facebook: 1) no audible conversation, and because there is no audible conversation, 2) the written word can be terribly misunderstood.

Facebook is the official crutch for introverted personalities, but I don’t think that is so much a good thing. I have so much “chatter” in my head, I am dreaming about it in order to express it. It is time to re-evaluate my social settings. Lessen my time spent typing things and increase my time spent in conversation. Even if it is a quick chat.

*This will not interfere with my blogging. Introverts can tell some things much better in the written form than they can express in a conversation.*

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