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Snapping Daily Memories

I was texting my favorite mother-in-law last week and shot some pics of the kids for her during our ‘chat.’ I don’t usually have my phone on me, but Phillip brought it to me when the text tone went off because Gramma’s pic was on it. She was telling me Lowell’s sister, Celeste, had her baby boy, Gideon. Congrats, Southard fam! Anywho, I was scanning my phone this morning and thought I would share the pics here with you as well.

While we do home work, this girl sits on the train table next to me causing a ruckus until I will pick her up… so she can cause a ruckus at the table by grabbing at the kids’ pencils and tearing at their work. It is a vicious cycle, but how can I complain? :)

20141007_100901Phillip often busies himself with trains and some sort of ABC and/or 123 video. We are still attempting to master that beautiful art of going potty on the pot.

20141007_100746He is painfully shy, or brutally defiant?, and fights having his picture taken. This was after a few minutes of convincing him to smile for Gramma. He was liking penmanship class this day because it was a letter and number he knows well. G and 4.

Working on maps, one of her favorites!

20141007_100610Faith couldn’t muster up a toothy smile for this one. She is working on reading comprehension here and it is difficult for her to realize she can’t just write whatever answer she wants, whether it pertains to the story or not. ;) She is getting much better than she was at the beginning of this school year. It makes me proud to see her keeping at it. Perhaps her hand muscles have strengthened and writing things out isn’t so dreadful after all?


Later this same day, or the next day?, I took them to Costco for a huge grocery run. My mom met me there to help push an extra cart and be an extra set of hands since my cart was going to be overflowing and wasn’t going to have much room for small people. She got the older four a new pair of jammies and Karolina got a cute new dress with tights since all the jammies her size were the fuzzy kind.

That evening, they were literally leaping for joy in excitement for new jammies! Who knew something like that was so exciting to little kids? I mean, I know I like a new pair of jammies, but I am an adult.

"HOORAY for jammies!"
“HOORAY for jammies!”


Karolina just snuggled her new favorite blanket while watching these crazy kids leap around the living room before the rosary. She got it from my aunt when she was a newborn, but only recently has taken a real liking to it. My aunt makes little, fun blankets for all her great-nieces and -nephews. They all have one theme in common: a satin trim that all babies adore!



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