*In a Nut Shell

Life Changing Moments

Life changing moments are those moments when light is shined on a situation and all sorts of little floating particles in your brain begin to connect and click.

For example: My friend’s younger sister was helping her set up Halloween decorations a few years back. When they were setting up the fake tombstones, her sister wanted to know who all the “RIPs were” and what made them so popular to be on almost every tombstone decoration. My friend laughed in disbelief. “It isn’t the ‘RIPs’! It means ‘Rest In Peace’!” A life changing moment. Something you just believed your whole life and then someone sheds a clear light on the subject and your mind is blown. Wow!

Do you recall being a little kid and watching a movie for the hundredth time and it finally occurred to you that there was a story line attached to all those colorful pictures and catchy songs? Or reading a story book for school and realizing all those words you have had to read out loud for months were actually telling a tale of some sort? Or hearing a song over and over, singing along as you learn the lyrics, and then after a while you realize you’ve been singing the wrong word or phrase at some point?

I remember being 4 or 5 and watching Bambi in horror as it sank in what happened. Pretty sure I even cried. This peaceful movie wasn’t so peaceful any more. I remember passing it on the shelf with a heavy hurt and a pit in my stomach whenever it was my turn to pick a movie after that life changing moment. I also remember reading my History book and realizing all the words I had been reading were more than something of repetition. I was reading an amazing story about Bl Junipero Serra and setting up Missions throughout California. I remember where I was sitting and I remember what was going on around me at that amazing, life changing moment. And, even as an adult, I have those “lyric moments”! ;)

Anyway, I have witnessed a few of those moments in my kids lives the past few weeks. When George watched Disney’s Bolt and was suddenly blown away that Bolt could “super bark” a whole tarmac into a ripple, and that Bolt’s power wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. And, Felicity realizing the story she has been reading about all school year is actually CONNECTED! And, Faith putting it together that she can add or subtract in order to find out a missing number in a problem and that she can pull out a dictionary, search something alphabetically, and find definitions. To be honest, she hasn’t mastered that one, but that it has clicked and that light shining in her brain on that matter was a fun one to watch.

Life Changing Moments. Our life is full of them! Do you have any that totally stand out?


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