*In a Nut Shell

Making Do With What You Have

After soccer this morning, the girls disappeared to their room and the boys went out in the yard to ride their “motorcycles” aka their bikes. Shortly after the kids went their own way, Lowell went out back to make a wooden bowtie (Yes, pics will follow in a post soon!) for a wedding we are going to this afternoon, and Karolina managed to sneak out there with him to play in the dirt and everything else little kids love to do when outdoors.

The house was really quiet for what seemed like a long time, so I quietly peeked in the girls room to find them playing some make believe game with their animals and dolls.

Who needs a playhouse when you have a dresser and toy boxes?
Who needs a playhouse when you have a dresser and toy boxes?

They spotted me simultaneously as I snapped them in their quiet enjoyment.

After I scoped out what the girls were up to, I wanted to see what the younger three and Lowell were doing. What I found was nothing exciting, but it still warmed my heart.

making do1Lowell is busy sanding, Phillip is coming from where Lowell is on a mission to get some “mans” (Phillip’s word for “gloves”), George is coming to get a sippy cup for Karolina who is playing with our little terrier mix, Daisy.

It makes me happy how content we really are in our place in life right now. Sure, we have our rough days, and we would love to make some things a little better; but, really? What I have in these two pictures of all my loves doing what they love really is something to be framed & hung for a continuous reminder that everything is Okay.


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