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Ode To The Baby

Karolina came in to this big world on a Monday morning in 2013. This year, we celebrated this fabulous girl in song, dance, and play! She is such a little stinker baby. Too smart for her own good. Very observant. Pays attention to detail. She can say about 4 words, that are mostly understandable, and can sign 3 others. She is the pride and joy of her older siblings and the apple of her daddy’s eye. She has 10 teeth and is walking too! Karolina is on a mission to catch up with the big kids and is not letting anything stand in her way. Here are a few pictures from her big day…

Happy Birthday to YOU
ba-ba (baby)
ba-ba (baby)

20141028_082651I got her stacking bowls because she LOVES to stack things and I use all my Tupperware and kitchen bowls quite frequently ;)

Later in the day, we went bowling. It was a quiet day in the bowling alley, so the kids got to play inbetween their turns of throwing a ball at some pins. I took a video, but I don’t think I can post it on here… Here are some pics until I figure that out though!



When we got home, we sang to the pretty girl again. I made pumpkin bread. Not very first birthday traditional, but it was a hit!

Enjoying all the 'Happy Birthday!' attention
Enjoying all the ‘Happy Birthday!’ attention

20141028_195424And, like all the Lowell Schaper babies on first birthdays, Karolina had to maintain the tradition of trying to touch the flame before blowing it out!


This was taken the day after her birthday. She is absolutely IN LOVE with her baby <3 Makes me so happy to see how much she loves and tries to take care of her very own little baby.





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