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All Hallows Eve- 2014 edition


Phillip stole the show in our adventures in trick or treating. He ran to every door shouting “Trick or Treat!” His enthusiasm was quite contagious. He received his few and said “Thank you!” And as he ran away, he also added, “Happy Halloween! See you next time!”

At one of the first houses we stopped at, he requested more than the one piece he received. The lady happened to have a crush on him so obliged but told him “no more than what you’re given. You will get lots tonight.” So, every third house he would say trick or treat, no more!, and thank you. But those other two houses he stayed awaiting patiently to be recognized as “Robin” and woukd flirt his way in for more sweets!! He had me laughing all night long.

It is so much fun watching your little kids grow up and realize how things work and how MUCH fun it can be! Phillip’s enthusiasm was the best part of our evening! It was spread to everyone we crossed paths with and was enjoyed by everyone who travelled in our small group of trick or treaters.

Batman & Robin
Batman & Robin
li'l Lady Bug
li’l Lady Bug

I didn’t get any good close ups of the girls. Faith went as the pirate Anne Bonny and Felicity went as St Kateri.

Painted by God
Painted by God

I took this beautiful shot Saturday afternoon, on the Feast of All Saints Day. It was so crisp outside after a small rain fall we got in the middle of the night. We had a kicked back day with college football, home grown meatballs with pasta, and traded out most of the kids’ booty with Yum o’ Earth lollipops and fruit snacks. Hooray for healthy, organic candy!

And, because she makes me laugh, here are a few pictures of Karolina trying to be a super girl earlier in the day on Halloween :)




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