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November Slide Show

I seem to have this new trend on the blog with updating with pictures. I hope you don’t mind. It seems the best way to catch up on a lot without a really long, written post.

picnic story time ... and chickens
picnic story time … and chickens

I took a peek outside on a Sunday afternoon and caught the most precious thing! My babies playing peacefully together, having a tea party, taking care of their babies, reading stories, and shooing the hens away.

Caught you!
Caught you!

One morning, I was paying bills and had to get my wallet. When I came back, this little miss was drinking my coffee and trying to type and was clicking the mouse! I laughed at the sight of it; trying to be just like me!

5 years old
5 years old

George turned five in November. We celebrated in low key fashion. Gifts, lots of playing with gifts, lasagna for dinner, and a berry crisp for dessert. He loved it! I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. He certainly is coming out of his shell more, but is still reserved and very observant of the people and things going on around him. He is in Pre-K/Kindergarten this year, and at our mid-year point, he is finally making the connection of letters AND their sounds! Yay!

Happy Birthday to YOU!
Happy Birthday to YOU!

george 5c

The three youngers were playing quietly outside, so I snuck a peek out the front door to make sure their silence was golden and not naughty. I saw the cutest thing:

sibling love

Phillip was giving Karolina a ride on the little plastic trike we got from our neighbor. I ran and got my camera to take a picture for Lowell…. and managed to capture Karolina’s poor foot!! She was laughing and having so much fun with her favorite big brother driving her around the yard, I never would have figured she was in this predicament until I saw it on the screen. Ha!

We spent Thanksgiving with my family. There was 38 of us total as my Aunt and her family flew in from Idaho to spend the holiday with everyone. I made ten and a half pounds of “smashed topatoes,” as Phillip calls them, with freshly squeezed goat milk and raw butter. They were an excellent addition to the phenomenal dinner. As we were feasting, we all took turns going around the table saying what we were thankful for. My brother John took that oppurtunity to announce he and his wife, Mary, are expecting their fourth! We went and hung out with Lowell’s Uncle B for dessert afterwards. It was an exciting, filling, and relaxing day


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