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Go Green Thunder!

The girls began their first organized sports adventure in August. We signed them up for soccer to see how they’d like it. Lowell jumped right in as an assistant coach, and he and the head coach, Brian, began their first adventures in coaching, *ahem* teaching, ten 6-8 year olds the great art of playing soccer.

First practice
First practice
warming up
warming up
Phillip thought he was on the team, too
Phillip thought he was on the team, too

Just before the first game in September, the kids voted and named themselves the “Green Thunder”. The coaches were supposed to wear red shirts, but Brian and Lowell didn’t want to look like Christmas on game days, so they got green shirts to wear as well.


I found a tutorial on pinterest about making cute bows. So, I made Faith and Felicity, and the other girl on their team, Payton, matching bows to wear for their games.


Faith chose the number 12 because that was Lowell’s number in most of the sports he played in high school, and Felicity chose number 2 because she is the second kid in our family and it is pretty close to Daddy’s number 12.


The team was all first year players. They didn’t win any games, but they showed great improvement each week. They seemed so dedicated at practice during the week, but for some reason, game day just never went so well. I did get some shots during one of their October, mid-season games, though, to have the memory of being out there and having fun!

in the game 1004

water break
water break
half time pep talk
half time pep talk

The kids got their highest score this game: 3 goals! For a job well done, for showing good team work, they got to have a mid-season pizza party that week.

pizza party mid season

The kids had lots of fun, and played so hard during those early, hot weeks of the season. Before long, the days were getting shorter, and practice was soon held in the dark in cooler temps. They kept their chins up and they continued to get better, have lots of fun, but still never transferred that practice fire to the game field.

night practice: working on those deep kicks
night practice: working on those deep kicks
last practice: dribble game against the parents
last practice: dribble game against the parents

I wasn’t able to get any action shots of their last game, but I did get one of them warming up just before it started.

last game warm ups

Because “we are all winners” in today’s society, all the kids on all the teams received trophies at the end of the season. Most of our kids understood that they didn’t win any games, so we told them they were receiving their trophies for playing their best and growing as a team of players working together. We were fortunate to have parents who all agreed that the social correctness of the trophy thing was a little absurd, but when they found out I told our girls if they played their best, etc. that they might receive an award for that, they all jumped on board with the concept for their kids as well.

We had our “Closing Ceremonies” at a local pizza place the week after the season ended. Lowell had to go out of town for work that week, so he wasn’t able to partake. The kids had fun with their last hurrah as a team! After they ate their pizza, Coach Brian called them up and gave them their trophies and a certificate of improvement and what they brought to the team.

brian and faith

brian and felicity

trophiesBoth the girls were pretty emotional after receiving their trophies and saying goodbye to their friends. Coach Brian did promise we would get together again so he and Lowell could hang out. He said his family liked hanging out with us because of the calm joy our family brings to our encounters.

It was a great first experience having the coach the girls had. They learned a lot about soccer and a lot about playing as a team. I don’t think soccer is their sport, but I am proud of them for trying it out and giving it their best shot.



2 thoughts on “Go Green Thunder!

  1. “Calm joy our family brings to the encounters” I love it! Also that couch Lowell has a Philip on his shoulders while he is on the field! Yay for families doing this together with joy.


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