*In a Nut Shell

Sink Diving

I have been busy getting stuff done around the house today because tomorrow I am going to take the kids to play with their friends so I won’t be around for my big chore day that Friday typically is.

Anywho, while I have been doing that, the kids have been playing house, riding bikes, and playing in the tree house, and Lowell has been busy in the woodshop. Karolina has been a little bit of everywhere we’ve all been, demanding to have first row access to all the same stuff we do and throwing this nasty fit-like-thing when we don’t comply, or give her boundaries to stay within.

I was busy in the backroom listing some things for sale on the computer when I realized I kept hearing water turn on and off in the kitchen. I called in to the next room to have it stopped, but it didn’t stop. Then the water turned on and didn’t turn off. For a long time. So, I hopped out of my chair and went charging in to the kitchen to find Karolina…


I have captioned this “sink diving” because it is full of our dirty dishes from today and it reminded me of dumpster diving!

She pushed a folding chair over, climbed on to the counter, and in to the sink to play with the water and cups. This is even a step above because we have barstools on the other side of the counter that she knows how to climb up, because she does in determination to eat with the big kids and not in the “lowly, solitaire captivity” of her highchair, and has been known to climb on the counter that route.

My little 12 pound newborn has turned into a 25 pound fearless, daring, go get ’em 15 month old.  She is determined to set her mark and “help” in any way she can…There is no stopping her! :)


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