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Picture Worth a Thousand Words

I know Miss K gets a lot of fame here on the blog, but she is quite a character. Even more than Phillip is or ever was. She is so on top of her game. Maybe I am just a proud momma and she is just par to the course? She can follow pretty direct instructions and knows how to handle most common issues. For example: Her favorite naughty thing to do is to dump her sippy cup all over wherever her heart desires. Usually, I will stop her and tell her to get a towel and clean it. And she does. Perfectly. Nowadays, however, she makes the mess and takes it upon herself to get a towel and clean it up without me saying a peep to her about it. Then, last week I was folding laundry and she came strolling in with her cup. She sat down and grinned cheesily as she started splashing the water all over. After about ten swishes, she got up and ran to the kitchen for a towel, came back and put the towel over her mess, and proceeded to just pour her cup all over the towel! I mean, really? Is that not thinking way ahead? And, so smart for a 15 month old!

Yesterday, we got another rain storm. It didn’t get chilly, but it was dark, gloomy, and wet. Today, the temps are warm and cozy again and the kids wanted to go out and play. Of course! Why not? There isn’t tons of mud to play in, therefore laundry to be done, right? I let the youngers go out and collect eggs, feed dogs, and yes, romp in the mud. Out the back door they went, all giggles and happiness!.

A short while later, I heard the front door open and the quick little steps of a certain princess working her way toward the back room where we were working on homework. As she got close, I heard, “Moooom…” and turned to see this:

a picture worth a thousand words
a picture worth a thousand words

I don’t know what it is about this picture, but it screams a thousand things to me! And, that is just the front one thousand things – ha ha! Her face. Her clothes. Her hair. Her personality. Her hands. It is a once in a second-year-time (can’t really say life time ;)  photo that, to me as a mother, is worth a thousand words. <3


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