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Faith turned eight! and I am finally getting around to posting about that grand event and other bits of what’s new around here. :)

Faith turned eight and got roller skates for her birthday. We went to the roller rink near where we go to Mass and she & Felicity enjoyed a fun skating session with some of my siblings, their little friend from soccer, and my best friend came with her girls. We have cement just where the driveway is, but she is out there almost every day, perfecting her skills. I wish I could describe to you the way she gets around on those bad boys! It is so creative and so funny – haha! It is a motion of using a front brake on one foot to push and roll forward with the other. My good friend, Ashley, and I recently talked about how crazy it is that it wasn’t so long ago we were the ones loading up to meet at the roller rink to skate with our friends. It really puts things in to perspective, makes you take a deep breath and remember to soak this all in because time flies so quickly!

On a more sentimental note, I can’t believe my oldest child is eight! Where on earth did eight years go? My tiny 7 pound, 1 ounce newborn is not too far from being 5 feet tall, is still skinny as a twig, but can pack away food like nobody’s business. When I make tacos for dinner, she will eat 5. When I make lasagna, fried chicken, or chicken curry and vegetables? She will eat as much as, or more, than me! I wrote a rather weepy post last summer about Faith growing up. About having to ask her to act so grown up, before her time, and to be mindful of my wellbeing. You can read more here if you missed that post. And, while all of that still stands strong and true now, I can’t get over how swiftly time goes by. One day, you are going to wake up, you will have five kids, and your oldest will be eight. Somewhere, deep down, you know it is true, but for whatever reason, that reality can smack you hard. In a good way, mind you. Faith has taught me a lot. By watching how she reciprocates all my actions is lesson enough. It is most obvious, to me as a mother, that my kids mimic my actions far more efficiently than they obey my requests of finishing homework or doing their chores. They carry themselves the way I carry myself. The use the words and phrases I use, sometimes out of proper context, but they do it. Kids are always watching. And, they are always listening. Never underestimate their little eyes and ears. One day, they are going to come up and ask you about something that was said or done months ago. Not only will you have to search your brain for that time to help explain, but you will also have one of those “mind=blown!” moments of ‘how in the world did s/he see, or hear, me do, or say, that?!’

I am prepared to have that reality smacking moment again in the near future as Faith and Felicity get ready to be tested to receive their First Communion and first confession. I have mentioned it a few times over the past few months about getting them prepped, and the time has finally come. Felicity knows her stuff flawlessly. Faith knows it, but gets awkward under the pressure of being quizzed, so I am trying to work with her on being cool under the pressure. If Father okays it, they will be tested and make first confession on the 28th and make their First Communion on March 8th with my little sister, Gloria, who is also Lowell’s and my goddaughter. What a powerful emotion to see your daughters, and goddaughter, receive Jesus for the first time! I am always filled with such joy when my babies are baptized. But, there is another kind of joy knowing their communion with God is going to grow deeper as they receive His forgiveness in confession and His grace and love in the Eucharist. I have enjoyed all the many conversations we have had about these sacraments, and am sometimes overly impressed by their understanding and the deep questions they ask. Not only is my first born eight, but she is about to become more one-with-the-Lord. Wow!

Everything else is going well around here. :) Studies are underway. The kids are all well and happy, spending most of their time playing outside. I surprised Lowell with a date night last week. I took him to dinner at The Yard House (it’s a brewery/restaurant) and then we went to see American Sniper afterward. Super great movie, by the way. If you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t mind crying, it is a must see. The yard is overrun with atrocious weeds I didn’t see last year. They need tackled some how so I can get my garden started again. That is part of my goals for lent: getting a handle on the yard and starting the garden before Easter. Lowell has been busy in the woodshop. He has gotten a lot of interest in his products thanks to facebook page. He has also gotten requests for custom bow ties from folks that see him wearing his in public. He recently constructed a beautiful cutting board from scraps. It is another beautiful piece that looks almost mosaic. I don’t know what the plans are for this piece yet. Work is starting to pick up again, and he is also looking into a possible career change to something in public service, but hopefully with all that going on, he will still find time to dedicate to that amazing talent of his.

I will keep you posted about the girls’ upcoming sacraments if you will keep them in your prayers :) Thank you!
**UPDATE: The girls will be tested on March 8th, and if they pass, they will have their First Confession. And if Father’s schedule permits, they will have their First Communion on March 9th.**


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