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Outside Lately

With all the rain and snow we’ve gotten, our yard has become completely overrun with weeds. Now, to a certain degree, they were very pretty. And, the kids loved going outside and running through them or hiding in them for hide n’ seek.

view from the garden looking back toward the chicken coop
view from the garden looking back toward the chicken coop


But, I realized they were a big problem when I went to start clearing my garden space and spent twenty minutes trying to pull/rip/chop just ONE out.

the beautiful plants were nice and snug with roots 12-18 inches long
the beautiful plants were nice and snug with roots 12-18 inches long


Realizing this was a problem I couldn’t master alone, Lowell borrowed our neighbor’s mower and set to work on making our yard a neater place. With some help from the kids :)

it was [nearly] a jungle out there!


I went out in to the yard with the wheel barrow to collect up any large rocks, sticks, and kids’ toys before Lowell got the mower. When I was about half way through the yard, I realized Karolina wasn’t by my side. She kept calling for me, “Mom!” every few minutes, so I replied and told her where I was. But, she never came. Finally, after about five “Mom!” I heard a stomping noise. I turned to find her UP HERE!

Lowell's woodshop
Lowell’s woodshop

I took this picture after the fact to text Lowell about it… There was a ladder propped up against the other side of this and she climbed it! In looking back, I decided she was working her way up and was calling for me to..see her? Help her? Well, at any rate, she thought being up there was the coolest thing in the world. While I remained calm on the outside so I didn’t excite her more, and was having a heart attack and throwing up in my mouth on the inside, she ran edge to edge and would bend over the sides to test her limits. She waved her arms. She laughed. She ran. She stomped around. I hurried up the ladder, imploring God and all the Angels to keep her safe, and convinced her to come to me. As she flirted and teased with the idea of getting close to me, I grabbed her by my fingertips as she flitted by, scooped her close to me and brought her down. I lowered the ladder, kissed the fearless little angel, got my phone and texted Lowell to find out WHY a ladder was left propped against the woodshop, and suffered from an adrenaline headache for the following three hours. There is never a dull moment around here!

Anywho, after I tidied and made sure all was safe and childproof in the yard, I stole a glimpse of a much happier situation in much more grounded circumstances:

a boy and his tractors
a boy and his tractors

I piled all the tractors together in a spot that wouldn’t hinder a mower and Phillip played out there for hours! He and George have since moved the group of tractors all around and have enjoyed countless hours of adventuring together.

Now, the yard is mowed and my ultra amazing husband took his big muscles and pulled out all the weeds in my garden. Thanks, Honey! The next step is to expand the area and I am going to use some egg cartons to start some plants while we work on the “expansion project” and work all the soil again.

The kids are enjoying much more time outside now that they can see where the are going again, and it is lent and we are optimizing all our time in things not-indoors.




I captioned these on Instagram as “Paper Airplane Extravaganza” and said, “A child’s life is full of rainbows and butterflies … and the joy of paper airplanes.” I feel it is quite fitting to say the same here. :)

Happy Friday, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Outside Lately

  1. Oh my Goodness, Karolina!! Good job ha doing that calmly, Joanna!! I am pretty sure I would’ve flipped out a bit too much. What a little daredevil she is! But so cute. 😄


    1. I have learned over the years that freaking out on the outside only makes problems at hand worse. Well, that, and I internalize ev.er.y.thing. When I turned and saw her, it was a slow, calm turn to see what was what, followed by a jerk and “OH. MY. GOSH!” and a hurried walk to rescue her. I paid for it dearly in the hours following with that adrenaline headache lol Kids! They are so cute and SO mischievous :)

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