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My dear friend, who lives not too far from me, sent me a picture last week of her six kids bouncing care free on their trampoline with the hose on and they were having the time of their life in our early summer temps.

I looked out to my poor kids playing in the miserable heat and was revisited by the desires of last year, wishing so badly I had a spot to set them up a pool or let them play in the hose. Our property is almost an acre of dirt. Water would be the furthest thing from enjoyable with all that mud and ruined clothes. True, those are from a mother’s perspective, but when all we have is so limited and our spaces so confined, most other mothers would agree it isn’t 100% selfish of me to feel that way.

So, like the loving and thoughtful Mom I try to be, I decided we would get a trampoline, too! They would enjoy countless hours of joy on it, and when it was hot, they could jump with the hose and the mud would be confined to the spaces below the trampoline. Win-Win! I refused to consider that I once swore I would never own a trampoline after suffering for months with a slipped disc from a mis-bounce on a trampoline right when Lowell and I got engaged. I consider that true dedication to my kids’ happiness. ;) I went to craigslist, where I always go first when in search of something, and the first listing was for a FREE trampoline not far from where we live! We called the kind gentleman, arranged to pick it up a few hours later, got it home and set up, and all five kids have enjoyed bouncing to their hearts delight in every minute of day light that is not otherwise occupied by a chore or homework.

march 23 6

march 23 4

march 23

march 23 5

a small air-shot of Georgie
a small air-shot of Georgie
this girls loves ev.er.y.thing! :)
this girls loves ev.er.y.thing! :)

I am realizing now that I didn’t get any pictures with all five kids in there at the same time. I will have to update with photos if I catch something candid enough with all of them.

Please say a little prayer that their delightful joys in “bouncing almost to heaven” are safe and that I am not overcome with guilt in this crazy decision of mine! ;)


4 thoughts on “*boing!*

  1. You are a fabulous unselfish mother! Mud is not a one time thing, it lasts for days. And every time they go outside they will find it. Especially if they are wearing church clothes or their good shoes. Don’t get me wrong, the human in me loves dirt, water and mud, but the mom in me not so much. My kids enjoy Lucy’s trampoline and beg for one, but our space is limited. So they get to play with chickens, cats and dirt in the shade of a big tree. Here’s to good times in the summer!


    1. I love you so much more for this! :) Thanks for your sound reasoning and spoken truths about little people always finding mud when in their best clothes and/or shoes, goodness is that ever true. Shaded yard with chickens, cats, and dirt is a great alternative to trampolines and mud, especially when trampolines are available literally a jump, skip, and a hop away


  2. Hahaha Joanna this made me laugh — you are SO thoughtful, all the time!! Tobey comes to mind right away!!! :) Dirt tramped through the house is one of those things that would drive me right to the brink of insanity, so I totally get your thought process. So glad they’re enjoying the trampoline!


    1. Aw thanks! Tobey. That big ol’ dog – haha! Lowell still keeps up with the guy who took Tobey for us. He is a MASSIVE dog and happily runs free on a farm in Missouri now.

      I have had to let go of a lot of my dirt-tramped-through-the-house and it making me entirely cray cray. I still hold a model of being tidy, but there is dust and dirt ev.er.y.where. I cringe just thinking about it! But, in the fine song phrases of Elsa… “Let it goo! Let it goo!” ;)

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