*In a Nut Shell

Here We Come

We have spent the last few days getting our ducks in a row so we could spend a few weeks with the greater Schaper clan.

Today finally came. Time to “finally go and see all our cousins!” The kids have hovered over our every moves and have been fairly helpful along the way. This morning, they ALL insisted on helping with the changing of oil….



We got the vehicle ready and got it all loaded with our belongings, Easter goodies, and even loaded the bikes on top.


We got all piled in and seat belted and began our 400+ mile trek around noon. It is almot three o’clock and we have gone 110 miles… have I ever mentioned how much we detest Cali and can’t wait to leave?? Okay, just wondering. ;)

The good news is the kids are enjoying themselves. The girls are reading their library books (Sarah Plain and Tall, and Gooney Bird Greene), the boys are sharing an “I Spy” book, and Miss K is sucking her thumb and playing with her baby.

I may post while we again while we are away, but I will definitely update, hopefully with pictures!, when we get home. Have a very blessed Easter, everyone!

Because being silly is fun too!
Because being silly is fun too!

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