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A Nine Year Tribute


Once upon a time, that was us. Where are those young, worry free people now?


We were full of plenty of worries by the time the next year rolled around and we jumped in to the great unknown of marriage.

The Big Day
The Big Day

But, all those worries didn’t matter because we had each other! We were going to face it all side by side, shoulder to shoulder. “It’s us against the world, Babe!” he would always remind me. It was true then and it is true now.

Our journey has been full of ups, downs, in-betweens, inside outs, spread across an ocean, and stretched across this vast country. It has been one hell of a ride, let me tell ya, but I would do it all again.

Every step of every hour of every day our lives have been intertwined.

We recently celebrated nine years of marriage. Nine. In some ways, it seems like a great testimony, but in other ways it seems like chump change. It’s only nine, but it’s Nine! at the same time. I am so proud of who we have become together and am excited to see where the next year will bring us on our path towards perfect grace with our Heavenly Father. I am determined to get this man to Heaven, and I know he is determined to do the same for me. Together, we are forming and educating the five little people God has entrusted to us in such a way that they will [hopefully!] want to make wise choices in life that will always be pleasing to Him.

To celebrate, we kind of did an extended adventure of mini-dates. One of our favorite things to do together is to go to craft breweries and one of Lowell’s favorite things is to try new and crazy food. I tag along for that ride, but am never the one to make a decision about what we’ll try. Very rarely am I disappointed and am glad I have such a thrill-seeking hubby!

no, I am not pregnant. yes, it was actually very tasty!
no, I am not pregnant. yes, it was actually very tasty!


We went to three breweries one afternoon. The second one picture up there was such a bust. Still better than Budwater, as I have dubbed it, but man! It was actually called Strike Brewing, but I renamed it Strike-OUT. The third place we went had a great selection of amazing brews and a food truck – score! It was a fine way to end the beginning of our mini-dates.


We stopped on our way home from up north at Oak Hills Brewing and got mighty fine treatment from the great people there! ;) We recommend it to anybody who might be driving through the High Desert area.

To conclude our series of mini-dates, we went out around Lowell’s birthday to our favorite local brewery and then went to a new restaurant in town called Burgers and Beer. We ordered this funky cucumber covered in shrimp and pico de gallo with strips of avocado and lemon inbetween each piece. It was phenomenal!

 20150429_193303 20150429_193317

In our time together, Lowell never ceases to amaze me in his readiness to make things happen for me and how dedicated he is to providing for me. For us. And, how big a kid he is at heart through the thick and thin of it! ;)

making me wooden slides for my kitchen drawers on Valentine's Day
making me wooden slides for my kitchen drawers on Valentine’s Day
Always ready to play 😍💞
Always ready to play 😍💞

I have also learned a very powerful notion about life and marriage. It was something I learned gradually in the early years when we had three babies under three and all in diapers. It is that my day is only hard, I am easily annoyed, and entirely too impatient, when I am selfish. When I am trying to put my wants/needs before those of my husband and my kids. When I am selfless, things always go so smoothly and beautifully. And wouldn’t you know? I always have time to spare! It is something I forget all too often, but it is something 100% true. The more selfless you allow yourself to be, the easier your situations miraculously become. Now, when I say selfish it is usually in means of wanting to read a book or get my chores done before reading a story to the kids. Just do what I want to do, first.

No matter who I am, though, the lady who has it together one day or the ship wreck in need of a shower the next, I still have the support of my best friend. He has been and still is the shoulder I can lean into for protection or onto to hold me up. Our pictures are very revealing of this concept I think. He is always the pillar I am holding on to. And pillar he is: that ALL American, Navy pride (and mouth – lol), fellow craft brew junkie, suspender wearing, multi-talented and well rounded, family business representing, always giving, come and take it, stubborn son of a gun :)  The man who still takes my breath away and gives me goosebumps and butterflies. My best friend. My sweetheart. My husband.

My man
2015. Still my shoulder. Still my everything. Second only to God.

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