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Flash back to Mother’s Day

I threw this back yesterday on Instagram. If you follow me there, I apologize for a similar post as a flash back today! :)

Mother’s day this year was kicked off with Lowell’s home made crepes filled with cold smoked salmon and brie. It was so delightful! Like a taste of heaven in my mouth. He also made me a cup of coffee! He was such a hunk of a man for doing that for me. I am sure I have mentioned before how much he detests coffee, so this act of kindness went above and beyond the point roster…Until I reached the bottom of my mug. Whilst getting the kids and myself ready for Mass, I gagged and laughed at what was basically supposed to be a soggy ashtray!. Touché, husband! In all his loving kindness, he still had to have the final say on his thoughts about coffee.

mothers day

We went to St. Michael’s for Mass that morning and then went to a tasty curry restaurant for lunch. After lunch, Lowell and the kids made me close my eyes and pulled me to a Starbucks a few suites down. When we walked through the door, I laughed and told them they should’ve had me plug my nose as well! I was treated with a trick-free coffee and a sweet greeting from the barista. A great recovery move after my morning’s gag mug!

Taking the long way home, we stopped off at our favorite Orange County breweries drinking all our favorite beers ’til my heart’s content, which is basically when the kids decided they were done and demonstrated their protests by making faces at me.

On our official way home, we brought some flowers and chocolate covered strawberries to my mom and hung out with her for a few hours much to the kids’ delight after being stuck with us craft brew junkies for a few hours that afternoon. I was later spoiled with cedar plank-smoked salmon with lemon-dill butter and bacon wrapped seasoned asparagus.

I was treated as a queen, was gifted with the most adorable cards, a local brewery tee, and my favorite Marvel movies: Iron Man 1, 2, and 3. It was one for the books! I will never remember Mother’s Day 2015 without a smile and little chuckle :)


4 thoughts on “Flash back to Mother’s Day

    1. no, it was a gag mug. that is just ceramic-yuck lol
      a few months ago, he gave me another one that had poo coiled at the bottom of it. I almost snorted coffee out my nose that time! lol I should’ve learned my lesson from that, but I was so caught up in the sweetness that my Mother’s day had begun that I was kind of blindsided again!
      I am on extra watch out now, though I think (and pray!) he only bought the two gag mugs. ;)


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