*In a Nut Shell

Life Points and Persons

So, lately has been nuts.



The girls are on summer break. Woo hoo! Hello freedom! With that time we have already watched way too many movies, stayed up late, cooked a cow head (that didn’t cook because it wasn’t thawed enough before we put it under ground), Lowell decided he is ready to move forward and is job hunting, therefore we are going to move when said search is concluded with a fab job, and the kids are all sick.

Well, the truth is, the kids have been coughing for-like-ever. I originally thought Allergies, then I shifted to Okay, probably nasty cold, and now have decided We have a mold problem.

Insert part where landlord only takes care of problems in the house when the conditions are nearly unlivable. Like, say, when the roof blew off and water leaked in during the flood when Fabio blew through last year and he said, ‘call me if you notice a bad smell.’

Karolina now has pneumonia and George a terrible ear infection.

I have spent all of the last four days in pediatrics doing appointments and keeping Miss K healthy enough to not be hospitalized. Then, George woke up barking and with an ear ache, so I figured we’d better get him checked and put on antibiotics as well. We are going to get rid of this artificially and will re-strengthen damage done once antibiotics are complete.

And we called for a mold inspection and test that will be done this week.

As much as it kills me to go this way, I have to say I am quite proud this is the first major sickness we have had and needed medical help. Not bad for 8 1/2 years of motherhood, right? And, if my suspicions are correct about the mold, I will be so relieved to not hear another cough for-like-ever.

I want to add: After four days in peds, I have decided it is the most depressing place to be. Every child in every room around us cried. All day. Kids would walk through to the nurses station from waiting room and burst in to tears. One little boy held strong until he got to the doorway to his exam room where he started bawling about his upcoming physical and shots. The kids who were just old enough to not let their emotions get the better of them, would say to the nurses, I am really scared and nervous. Ugh. Perhaps that is the norm and moms are cool with dealing with that sort of thing regularly (and the doctors and nurses too! sheesh), but I say it sucks!

Anywho, besides just wanting to put all of the key points of our currently crazy life out there in the blogosphere, I want to do a small shout out to my best friend in all the land.

We all have our person. I mean, we have our married-to-person (Duh! and they certainly know us best of all the persons in all the land), and our favorite-kinds of- person(s), and those persons we love and can’t live without, but we all have our person who knows us inside out and backwards, up and down, all of our happy moments and sad ones, and loves us for us with no judgment and always understanding and not afraid to tell you to get a grip when you are losing it for frivolous reasons.

My person and I mostly text because, both being busy moms, it is easier to maintain a conversation about cleaning a bathroom all day via text than via phone for five minutes. Weird. I know. But, the glory of text is you get to it when you can get to it. And, even though you aren’t heard, per se, somebody out there is listening and can help you keep it real. Be it by immediate response or three hours later. (You see, most of what I have to say doesn’t need immediate attention. If it does, I will call. True, some of my texts get long and wordy, but it still isn’t urgent. Some people aren’t texters, but I am. I so would have fit in in the era of letter writing for my primary way of communication!)

Back to my shout out!

My bosom friend, Anne, as we have nicknamed one another (long story…), has been with me every step and at every hour of this last, long week. She and her family has lifted my family and me in all our sickness and stress to our Heavenly Father and the Blessed Mother. And, on the longest day during this week, she covered dinner for us. I seriously cried when she told me she had it taken care of. She told me to put my feet up, rest, and take care of my sick baby. What a relief to know, as I sat in pediatrics with my sick girl, that my family would have a meal and I didn’t have to lift a finger to prepare, serve, or clean it. Don’t get me wrong, I love to prepare and serve my family, but after one such day as that, it was going to be an oatmeal and eggs kind of night if not for her. Now, maybe to some of you this is no big deal. That’s okay! But, to me, this was a HUGE deal because someone had my back in a dark hour. Had my family’s back. I would do the same for her in a heart beat should, God forbid, the need arise. Near or far,  and through it all, she has been my person.

So, Thank You, best friend, for being you in my life!!

Hopefully, now that the sickest ones are on meds, and we have that inspection for nasty mold coming up, we will finally be able to enjoy this summer’s greatness. Then I can squarely focus on holding my man up during his job search and our potential move in the near future. I also need to dedicate some time in to my wanting to put our kids in a classical education set up versus the modern way of our times. I am excited about it and hope it is something that the kids will transition well to. I don’t see why not, but kids are funny ones. Especially ours!

Happy weekend, everybody! I hope it is as peaceful as ours is slowly turning out to be. :)


3 thoughts on “Life Points and Persons

  1. Joanna, oh my gosh, that is so scary! Mold is truly dangerous, yikes! I’m so sad that little Karolina had pneumonia. I hope she is mending quickly; she’s such a little fighter! I will be praying that you guys are able to get out of the mold situation. We were so freaked out when we had tons of (visible) mold in our old apartment (along with the mice and roaches!! eek!) but thankfully we never had health issues (might have been the type of mold we had…). But at any rate, we prayed the emergency 9 hour Infant of Prague novena to have our landlords let us out of our contract with no penalty, nd of course, they did! Will be praying!!

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    1. I vaguely remember you talking about mold scare, but I for sure recall the bit about mice and roaches. No thank you. Ew!

      God willing there is no mold and our kids have had bad luck with back to back to back sicknesses(??). But I will be glad to have it checked for peace if mind. The more I think about it the more I realize we have all beensick ALOT since moving back. Maybe its the house, or maybe we’re allergic to Cali! ;)

      I am inspired by the Infant of Prague novena. I think I will pray one for us and our needs. I have prayed dozens of flying novenas that have seen me/us through. I will give the BVM ear a rest. Lol

      Thank you for your prayers for us! I am watching closely for word on your blog about your potential move plans we discussed around Christmas and am praying for God’s will regarding all that :)


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