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Precious Moments take 1


When we lived in Virginia, we had a huge window that our couch used to sit under and the kids would spend hours playing with animals in it. Now, in California, and in a much smaller window, the kids still love to spend hours playing with animals in it. I was able to steal a picture of this perfect moment of these best buddies and brothers as I reflected on all the vitamin d all our animals have gotten over the years :) Love these memories in the making!


The other morning, I came in from the back room and found Karolina getting herself all set up in the corner of the couch to read a story. Once she was situated, she pulled one of her babies on to her lap and started reading to it about polar bears. Needless to say, we are finally on our way out of the six plus weeks of sickness that have been plaguing us. Thank You, Jesus!


This happened after a couple solid days with very little coughing. Phillip coughed and proceeded to tell me the above. Such a sweet boy. He told me later that same day that he told Jesus thank you for helping everybody feel better. Must be doin’ something right!


In the spirit of Father’s Day coming soon, I thought it would be appropriate to share this. Karolina dressed him up in the shades and tiara with veil one evening. After she wrapped him up in blankets and babies, I couldn’t not capture this manly and studly husband of mine who isn’t too manly or too studly to play princess with his princesses. <3




With all the stresses in life lately, said manly and studly husband of mine took to the outdoors. Man vs. Wild. Well, Man vs. Chickens. He ran our one acre, up and down and all around, chasing our ornery roosters. It totally made my evening and had me laughing. I was glad to see him let go and live a little. Even at the expense of the poor chickens!

isn’t he so dreamy? ;)

4 thoughts on “Precious Moments take 1

  1. That Philip is a sweetie!
    I’m dying of laughter over here. That poor rooster. I could see Lowell and robert competing to see who could catch it first. Next time you come up bring the rooster so we can try out the new game!


    1. hahaha! Lowell and Robert are one in the same in many ways, and we would have free entertaining tummy tightening exercises by watching them go at it together :) We may have to donate our roosters to The Farm just so there is another optional activity for y’all on Sunday afternoons.


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