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My Man Crush

So, as you know, or maybe have mostly gathered, I have a HUGE crush on my man.

My hubby.

My main squeeze.

As a lot of you know him personally, you know he can come across as a real ass. I mean that in one of the nicest ways possible mind you. But it’s true. If you haven’t spent any amount of time really knowing, understanding and loving the man, you could quite easily be offended by any one of the million random things he says or does.

That being said, yes, he is an ass, but he is a badass. And, that is another one of the hundred million reasons why he still knocks me off my feet and I have a huge raging crush on him.

Today, while he was out and about working, he swung by my sisters house to pick something up. While he was there, she told him she had some venison steaks that nobody in her home (she and her little fam are living with her in-laws) was really interested in eating, so did he want it. Of course! Lowell loves exotic things, not that venison is exotic, but it is pretty rare in our kitchen so he took it.

He brought it home before heading out to do more things. He asked me to look up some things we could make. He kept mentioning stews and soups, so I kept that in the front of my mind as I set to all my favorite recipe sites for some good venison recipes.

I found two recipes. The first being a venison fajita recipe that we so happened to have most ingredients on hand for, or a really tasty sounding stew that we basically needed potatoes for. I texted him my findings and left it to him because he had seemed pretty set on the stew/soup idea, but how can you go wrong with fajitas??

He never texted me back.

Dinner time rolled around, the kids started their questions and were assuming their rightful positions at the table to feast.

"Mom, my plate..where is it?!"
“Mom, my plate..where is it?!”

I texted him and asked what he had decided. The kids were hungry. He basically responded with fajitas as it made the most sense because we had all we needed to make that happen.

I instantly did one of those insert face into palm moments because, YES. Naturally that makes the MOST sense.

But, I didn’t make that sensible connection. Rather, I let dinner time catch up to me while not slicing the venison in to strips and allowing it to marinade for the required 2 hours.


So, I made the kids eggs and waffles and set myself to work on slicing the steaks for marinating. We would eat real dinner by 8:30. Go me! I felt small and not smart. Not gonna lie. But, life goes on! We all have mom brain moments. Those things that stare you so plainly in the face are so not plain at the times they are staring at you.

Anywho, as I was finishing the last bit of steak, my boyfriend walked in the door to save me from my blunder with bags of fresh produce for salsa and guacamole. And wine. For me. Not just any ol’ wine. No. My utmost favorite wine from my utmost favorite vineyard. He pulled me away from my slicing, sat me down with my wine, and assumed all dinner tasks. He created one of thee most amazing dinners I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying!

My vino, home made salsa, and home made gauc
My vino, home made salsa, and home made gauc
My man gettin' fancy while sautéing the peppers
My man gettin’ fancy while sautéing the peppers
dinner is served
dinner is served

You guys, I kid you not when I tell you it literally melted in my mouth. Why in the world venison is not regularly offered at any standard grocery store is beyond me. And, why we (and by we I mean Lowell) don’t own and operate an amazing restaurant is mind boggling! It was tonight that I realized that, Yep! The sure straight path to my heart is via my taste buds. There are very few people who can cook a meal I absolutely can’t get enough of. My husband-chef extraordinaire is one of them. Be jealous!

And, he did it for me. I was the one who blew it, but he came in and saved me. And, pampered me! He didn’t just help me, he sat me down with a favorite wine that he made a special stop for. On his way home. After a long day.

Seriously. How lucky am I? My man crush Monday shout out goes to my one and only, second to God. My sweetheart. My best friend. My boyfriend. My hubby. My man.

enjoying some of his prize winning dinner
enjoying some of his prize winning dinner

Thank you for making my Monday feel like … not a

Monday, Honey!


5 thoughts on “My Man Crush

    1. Hahahaha – I kept trying to take an actual, genuine picture of him but he kept stuffing his face. I said “dont take another bite, just say cheese!” And I got the above said pic.


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