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Angels among us

So, wow! What a crazy summer we have had!

Lowell left for a week in June and went to Houston for a job fair and came home employed for a company called B&W Energy Services. (that whole week was filled with friends and family reaching out and helping us make it happen by giving Lowell a car and couches to crash on while he was there. We are blessed with great people in our life!) Basically, he is now an industrial pipe cleaner. The company goes in, nationally and internationally, after new-construction or a re-construction on power plants, oil refineries, water processing plants, etc. and cleans out all the welding debris, dirt, trash, tools out before whatever it is that will be going through the plants/refineries pipes starts going through them. Make sense? ha ha :) And! All we need to do is live near a major airport in the continental 48. Sweet!

After Lowell completed his final weeks with his old company, he hopped a plane and went back to Houston for training and to start house hunting for a place in the Ft Worth area of great ol’ Texas. Super Sweet! We have two houses that we are working on getting, yay! and should know fairly soon which home we will get and how soon we can close and…. MOVE! Super Duper Sweet!

Anywho… Getting to the point of my post about angels.

It has been a long hard trek being alone with five children for this long period of time. Everything has fallen on my shoulders and let me tell ya, I am exhausted. And, packing to move is a challenge for the first time in 8 moves. All of my other moves were made on a small scale and then within a military community so I had an endless supply of free boxes. This time I am scraping around looking high and low. Everyone on craigslist is selling their used boxes, and the few who are giving their boxes away either don’t get back to you or have already gotten rid of them. So I took to some googling and found out I can go to stores and ask for boxes. So my goal for this week is to hit up some places and praying they can help a mother out! :)

Amidst all the frustration of being limited in boxes, I have been getting rid of things via trash and garage sale. I am getting ready to sell a bunch of things on ebay (do you want any winter clothes? lol) and post our bees and all their bee-keeping accessories to craigslist.

Then, my a.c. died.

And it was reaching 92 IN the house. Again. (Remember my post of last summer’s two weeks of misery? Yuck.)

Enter my first Angel.

On Friday afternoon, Uncle B stopped by as he usually does when he is out this way. We had a nice, hot visit. While he was here, I had the a.c. guy finally show up and let me know that our board was shot and that the motor was probably blown as well. He told me he would try to get the parts on Saturday morning and come by sometime that late afternoon/early evening to replace it. Uncle B, in the gentle and huge kindness of his heart, couldn’t stand that we would spend the evening melting in the house, again, so paid for me to take the kids to a movie. Such a sweetheart! The kids were thrilled to see Minions, and I was thrilled for a change of scenery and some crisp air conditioning!

Then, on Saturday morning, my neighbor (and second angel) found out the a.c. was blown and brought me his portable a.c. unit so we could atleast stay cooled off in the living room. I almost cried after such generosity, and after melting away for the past few days before! And, later Saturday, the a.c. guy returned to fix us up even though he still hadn’t heard back from the landlord for an approval to complete the job. He was so kind and patient with the kids, answering all their questions and letting them “help” him out. I think really the kids just were thrilled to have a hands-on man around after missing their daddy for so long now. He got our air blowing again, and said that he was going to set us up with some new duct vents and whatnot. It turns out he is an Air National Guard Reservist and I think there was an instant connection when he found out we were former Navy family. I will be forever grateful to his kindness to us, and for coming out even though our landlord still hadn’t gotten back to him. God bless my third angel, Mr. Jeff!

Today marks well past two weeks since we have had our man home (and the 4th in the last six we’ve been without him). And, as I mentioned earlier, I am worn out and was starting to realize how badly I needed a little break.

My friend James called me and asked me if I would take his wife, my childhood friend, Ashley, out for some coffee and a small break of her own while he babysat! I agreed and arranged the time I would come and a short while later, she texted me and said we were getting a massage too!!! So, I brought the kids over and we all ate lunch, then we moms headed out for coffee, a quick browse through Target, and then over to the massage/chiropractor place for an hour long massage. It was amazing. Uh. Maze. Ing. THEN! She paid for me. My incredible, kind, thoughtful friend of 17 years, and fourth angel, paid for my relaxing, blissful massage.

God has been good to me in all the stress of this summer’s bringing us a new job and moving and packing to move and suffering through the heat and being a “single mom.” I will be always mindful of His sending family, neighbors, strangers, and friends to my aid. Helping me to remember that He is looking out for me and I really am never alone. God bless the angels in my life!

God is good. All the time! All the time, God is good!

P.S. I have loads of pics to post as a more fun summer update, but my phone and the blog and email just aren’t getting along well these days.

P.P.S. I will try to keep you posted about all the continued progress and excitement of moving and getting settled.


5 thoughts on “Angels among us

  1. We will miss you guys! But congrats on the move! I know you all have been waiting for this time to come. Let us know if you need help and if you have time to get together before you go, give me a call or a text (I don’t have your number in my new phone) :)


    1. Thank you! We are pretty jazzed :) I will text you soon, we’d love to see you, and if something comes up in terms of help, I will keep you in mind. Thank you SO much for the offer!!


  2. Costco should let you take as many as you want. Not too many come with flaps though. I would recommend hitting up the grocery stores in the AM because it’s just after opening>just finished stocking>free boxes!


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