*In a Nut Shell

God’s got my back

Yes. You read right! Our awesome God really and truly has got my back.

Too often, and all too easily, I forget He is looking out for me. That His timeline for my life and all the things happen in it are perfectly orchestrated! However, I am way too busy making my own plans and setting my own goals that when something falls through, I am greatly disappointed!

I am always disappointed when I count on myself.


Case and point:

I have been searching high and low, near and far, craigslist, hitting up friends, etc. for blasted boxes to get us packed as we get closer to the end of our life here in California. I have school starting and need to make sure I have the bulk of the things we don’t need boxed up tightly so I am not going crazy when we are at the end.


While Lowell was gone (by the way, Lowell came home FINALLY after nearly an eternity. He flew in on Friday morning :) *commence the angel choirs singing*) Where was I? Oh… While he was gone, I was fortunate to find boxes on craigslist a few times but there were so many of them, and it was usually those people who wanted them ALL gone, not just what you can squish into your suburban that is nearly maxed with kids as it is, so I had to say Thanks anyway. I posted in my last blog about really wanting boxes and my missions to get some to no avail. It was frustrating.

Well, today I popped on to craigslist for the hundredth time and I kid you not, there was not one but TWO listings not terribly far from here giving away boxes AND the posts were brand new. And then, to make it the perfect deal, Lowell is home – yay! – so he was able to load up and pile the suburban full of boxes, and I stayed home with the kids. It just doesn’t get much better than that. So Lowell came home with so many boxes that I believe I may have too many now.

God’s got my back. He knew I wasn’t going to be able to collect up hundreds of boxes alone and with a car full of kids. He worked it out perfectly! AND..to put His Loving Signature on it, the family who gave away the larger bunch of boxes was a military family!!!! I told you all my previous packing-to-moves were a snap because military families pay it forward with boxes so we have always been set and have paid it forward to the next fam.

You better believe I was thrilled and humbled! God’s got my back and it would do me a world of good to never forget it and to remember that His plans for my life work out so much better than what I foresee. I have every intention of paying this blessing forward when we get home… to Texas.

God is good, All the time! All the time, God is good.


6 thoughts on “God’s got my back

  1. I can’t believe you’re leaving Cali! Best of luck doll face :-*

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S® 5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


    1. Mamie!!! How are you?? I have been thinking lots about you the last few days. I hope all is well! Thanks for the best wishes; we are pretty pumped about this :)


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