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Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago today was a very special day.

Yes! Of course, it is the beautiful Feast of The Assumption, and one of my most favorite Marian feasts, but this day was made a little more special ten years ago.

Wow! Ten years!

Lowell and I had just made our private engagement public 15 days before. We realized our plans and goals for going to college weren’t panning out. We knew we wanted to get married eventually, so why not just do it now? We set a date. He called my dad. We called Fr. Chrysostom. Called the parish to make sure the date was available. And we were getting married in 9 months!

The next day, I was out jumping on a trampoline with my [then future] sisters-in-law. I landed funny and ended up slipping a disk in my lower back. It began a long period of time where I was laid up in bed and taken care of so blessedly by my new family. I had to be lifted and helped and carried carefully everywhere I needed to go. Looking back, I think God saw I needed to get my self-reliant personality right in the mode of having my man take care of me and provide for me.

It was on August 15th that Lowell came home early from work so he could take me to the chiropractor. We had plans to go to Mass, but there was no Mass that evening since the feast fell on a Monday in 2005. So, we went to the chiropractor and then to dinner. After dinner, we went to pray the rosary at our favorite little church in my favorite town near where I lived with Lowell’s family.

I was actually irked most of that time. Lowell’s phone kept going off for what I thought was work related calls. Why did he have to take it? Why can’t he just wait 20 minutes and call these people back? So much for our rosary together…

We finished our rosary and prayers and headed out. When we were outside, Lowell asked me what I wanted to do next. I told him I was still new to Texas. What was there to do on a Monday night and when you were in excruciating amounts of pain? In a simultaneous motion, he shoved his hand in his pocket, dropped a knee, and pulled out a ring. He asked me to marry him and I said no.

ha ha ha ha

Just kidding! ;)

And. All of Lowell’s running out was due to phone calls from everybody who knew that he’d stopped on his way home that day to pick out a ring. He had decided that day that he wanted to “put a ring on it.” So, all covered in paint and dirt from his head to his toes, he walked in to the jeweler shop and told the nice ladies he wanted a Jesus ring. I had told him I wanted to have three diamonds with the middle one larger than the two on either side to represent Jesus and us. They helped him out with an engagement band and a wrap for when we got married. Somewhere, people found out about this and they all wanted to know if he’d done it and what my reaction was.

This special feast day was then made more special as our engagement that had just become official was now officially-official.


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