*In a Nut Shell


Lowell’s parents called me at the end of July and told me they were coming to Cali. They wanted to know if I’d gotten anything packed yet because they were going to take whatever I had ready to Texas for me.(!!!!!!!!!) This was huge. Lowell and I had been talking about how we were going to pull our huge trailer and another smaller trailer with just one vehicle. Make two trips? Would the suburban even stand up against another huge load like that again? Lowell was talking to his cousin, Robert, about it and he offered to let us use one of his trucks to pull our trailer out.

After visiting with us for a few days, Papa and Mom drove to San Jose to visit the fam up there and drove Robert’s truck back here. I had hustled and bustled and got everything I can I live without packed up and Lowell got his woodshop and all the extras loaded up in that bad boy.

Load one of two
Load one of two

Today, the bulk of our stuff has headed home. I am so grateful for the amazing parents in law I have been given. I love them as much as I love my own parents! So gracious and good to us :) As they drove away, I smiled a big smile and actually said “EEEEEEK!” I can’t believe this is all falling together so beautifully. I had no idea this dream would come true so soon! I thought we’d be here for another 2-3 years. God is amazing, people, uh. maze. ing.!

We found out last week that our loan was approved and our brand new home that is being built should be ready by September 30!!!! Our trailer is going to hang tight at Lowell’s sister, Celeste’s, house and we will drive the truck back to Cali as soon as we get there and get settled. We will soon be off on our greatest adventure yet and I am super excited.

Thank you, St Joseph! Thank You, Jesus! Thank you for making my dreams come true, Sweetheart! And, a special thank you to family for helping make all of this possible!! xo


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