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Precious Moments: End of Summer Edition

Even though it is 100+ degrees this week, summer is over at our house. Well, the vacation part of it anyway. We started back to school on Monday and so far, it is going pretty well! Kids are happy. I am happy. Phillip and Karolina aren’t quite as happy being not-in-school, but we are managing to truck through!

I promised to post pics from our summer a few weeks ago so I finally made myself sit and slowly, painfully text myself all the pictures between Independence Day and now.

Yes, text. 1-2. at. a. time.

All of my technology is considered ancient (2+ years) in todays lightning speed upgrades to phones etc.

So! Without further ado, I present life’s Precious Moments: End of Summer Edition.

Felicity turns 7!
Felicity turns 7!

Felicity turned 7 early in July and we celebrated with songs of Happy Birthday to you!, presents, water park and pizza, Costco froyo, pull apart pizza (yes, it was a cheesy day!), and cheesecake dessert.



Then there were sleep overs with my little sister, Gloria. She stayed two nights with us and they played for hours doing everything little girls love to do and we went out one of the nights for some Yogurt Land!

Faith, Gloria, Felicity
Gloria, Faith, Felicity


Our trampoline died a bad death. I think with it being so hot that the poor thing just couldn’t take the pouncing of five kids all the minutes of almost every day. So, I forbade the kids’ jumping on it. It was a death trap and we needed to dismantle it when Lowell was home long enough to make a dump run.

One afternoon, I sent the kids out to play while I was making dinner. After ten minutes, everyone but Phillip came back with all the things kids complain and make excuses about when they don’t want to play outside. But, where was their brother?



On the trampoline, Mom, gosh. No biggie…. ha ha ha ha ha (the trampoline went down that very weekend).

We had visits from my brother and his little family from Kansas…

Karolina and Noel
Karolina and Noel

Had baby slumber parties and mastered the art of The Balance Bike…

She's so pro-life!
She’s so pro-life!


We’ve made a handful of trips to the lake that is a few miles from our house. Like my friend, Ashley, said: It’s a free body of water! Why not take advantage of it?? Unfortunately, I only got this picture of my water babies


We got a huge storm one Sunday afternoon. And the kids HAD to play in it. I usually am not one to comply with such insanity, but it was so cool I couldn’t deny the fun that could be had!



They were singing hymns at the top of their lungs
They were singing hymns at the top of their lungs
“Hey guys! Wait for me!” (she was shouting Alleluia)

There were some dog piles made, silly pictures taken by naughty children who got in to my phone, adventures with baby dolls, and there might’ve been a few Smurf tragedies. Or blue popsicles eaten? I will let you decide…




And, then of course we have the little Miss who can’t stand that Phillip and George have so much fun. If they are getting dirty, she is going to get dirty better. If Phillip is eating an apple, she can eat an apple better. If Phillip is washing his hands, she is going to wash her too. Alone. And better. My go-to caption for her is “Everything Phillip Can Do, Karolina Can Do Better”


Papaw and Grandma came to visit and got us all set up with essential oils while they were here. Here the kids were getting lathered with lavender after prayers and before they hopped in to bed. (**I am a Wellness Advocate now, so if you have an oil questions or would like to get in on the awesomeness that is oils, let me know!**) I love how much my kids love oils!! :)


We had our main water line from the street bust last weekend. To celebrate defeating such a project and surviving half a day in 100+ temps with no water, we went to our local favorite brewery. I got some fun videos if the kids spinning in the open area they have, but I can’t upload it here. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a clip of it.


And, as we faced a Monday start of school this week, on Sunday after Mass, we decided to do something fun. We took the kids to try sushi! They all said they’d try it again … someday. (To be honest, I am slowly converting to the tastiness that is sushi. How I have lived nearly 30 years and haven’t been a fan is almost a crime. I look forward to some sushi dates in the future *hint hint sweetheart* ;) We ordered a few spring rolls and some shrimp and our chef preparing things right in front of us gave us some crab rolls on the house! We then were served sliced oranges for dessert. That was the kids’ favorite part of the entire experience! lol

“Everybody say ‘Sushi!'”

There you have our July and our August…all in just a snap!


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  1. Hey! I don’t have time to write much right now, look like life has been busy! Who are you selling oils through? And can I have a link please :). Thanks! Prayers!

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