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Images of Home – 1

Our friends and family have been so good to drive by our home that is being built to be a presence for us since we aren’t going to be home in Texas until the end of September.

You guys! My house is coming to life…

For the longest time, all I have had is this

the floor plan
the floor plan

Then, about two weeks ago, Lowell’s sister and our friend drove by in the same week and sent us some ground breaking photos!



And when Lowell’s parents got out there last week, they drove by and sent us another progress pic


Then, yesterday, we got an updated picture from the realtor who is overseeing things for us


I am super stoked! I will update with exciting new pics as I get them so you can watch it unfold and develop with me. St. Joseph, please continue to pray for us. Amen!


6 thoughts on “Images of Home – 1

    1. we are on less than half an acre. It is doable as we continue to pull ahead in the direction of our forever home while we reside in this gem of a stepping stone for a few years. I am just super excited it is 700+ more square feet than I have now..and it is stick/brick built…and it is brand new. We will be the first to use and flush those toilets! hahaha


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