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The Sunday Smoothie Special

Today after Mass and lunch, Lowell asked me to make him a smoothie.

Being the doting wife I am, I obliged him.

I got out my Ninja. Some frozen, organic tropical fruit, a fresh banana, and then splashed in some pineapple-orange juice.

I contemplated adding some spinach to it, but instead decided I would add more citrus pizazz with a drop of lime essential oil.

So in went one drop.

I pulsed and blended the beautiful smoothie to perfection.

I then poured it’s wonderfulness into a cup and served it all fancy like… minus the beach…and the umbrella straw….and the alcohol. So, basically a tropical smoothie in a cup. The end.

My husband held it in his hands with a powerful pride and was so appreciative that he offered to make me an iced coffee.(!!!!!!!!!!!)

He brought it to his lips, swallowed his first swallow and made the foulest face I have seen him make in a while.

Him: *foul face* WHAT DID YOU PUT IN THIS?! Did you put Tea Tree oil in it? Or Eucalyptus?
Me: *how is he so off a citrus burst?!* Nope. No tea tree and no eucalyptus.
Him: *Another swallow* *shudder* It tastes like you put grass in it!
Me: *say whaaaaaaaa?!*
Kids: No, Dad, Mom put some oil in it. It was the lime kind.
Him: How much?
Me: One drop. I thought a little citrus blast would be good in it…
Him: It tastes like you put a leaf in it! Or eucalyptus…or tea tree…or something!
Me: *tastes* Yeah, it definitely is different. Maybe the frozen fruit went bad??
Me: *goes to make the same smoothie without any oil while pondering the situation: What Happened?!*
Me: *presents a smoothie that is all better*

So, husband is happier and the kids are slurping away at this “kind-of-sour-weird-smoothie”, but I can’t figure out how I could go SO wrong with one drop of lime.

I go to my pantry, where I keep my oils, to smell the lime. I opened the lime and it smelled fine. I glanced up as I put it back and noticed that my basil oil was right next to where I had the lime. I opened and smelled the basil for good measure. Then I heard Lowell in my head… “It tastes like grass …. it tastes like leaves ..” And I burst out laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. I went to Lowell and told him I did not put lime in his smoothie. I paused for effect and composure then proceeded to inform him of what seemed to have happened: I looked up at the lime to grab it but grabbed the basil instead and had no reason to really even think twice about it. They both have green labels and it was only open for 3 seconds to drop a little drop. It never occurred to me once because I saw the lime when I reached up to the shelf, but somehow I didn’t pull that blessed lime from the shelf!!!!!

I told him I was sorry for the mishap and I laughed again as I thought of him saying it tasted like grass and leaves. I shared that funny bit with him, followed by a shrug and a “weelllllllllll…” We laughed a hearty laugh about it together for quite a bit.

The moral of the story: Unless you label your EO lids, or keep them stored in such a way that you could not make such a mistake, I suggest always double and triple checking an oil in order to make sure you are truly going to achieve the taste you are looking for. I’d hate for you to have a grassy/leafy/tea tree/eucalyptus (basil!!!!) taste when all you wanted was a little bit of citrus burst ;)

ha ha ha ha ha :)

P.S. Lowell didn’t make me an iced coffee after all.


4 thoughts on “The Sunday Smoothie Special

  1. Awesome wifeness!!! Robert like’s to tease me when my experiments go wrong . “Thank you dear . Next time could you follow the directions?”


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