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Felicity just told me that last night when she was sleeping she went to Purgatory.

She said she was in a big room that was very dark and they* were praying and praying and praying for people in the world.

Then, suddenly there was a bright light that she was drawn up to. It was beautiful.

She saw her godfather ([Great] Grandpa Basler) and they were going together toward the beautiful, bright light. He grabbed her hand and was taking her with him.

She saw beautiful flowers and a shining gold thing that looked like a gate as she got closer to the light. She really wanted to follow her godfather, but she started to wake up.

She tried and tried to stay asleep so she could see all the beautiful things and get closer to the light, but she woke up.

She said “It is amazing!”


*she kept saying “they” when talking about being in the room, even though she was alone in the room, she knew there was others waiting and praying with her.


5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Yes! And what trips me out the most is I recently read a book called “The Hungry Souls” and a part of the book talked about two parts of Purgatory. One being God’s justice and the burning cleanse of souls and the other being His Mercy where you have been cleansed but you haven’t reached full desire to know Him. So…how crazy if for whatever reason this was the truth for Grandpa Basler?? He had fulfilled his cleanse to perfection but he was waiting for the moment to be joined with God in Heaven..? If there is an element of truth in all of this, it would explain why/how she didn’t see other souls suffering. She prays so earnestly for her godparents. It is all innocent. Guess we will find out at the end of time!

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