*In a Nut Shell

Hello World!


I am back momentarily to let you know that we got the second house we were really hoping to get. Thanks for all the prayers! We have been making trips back and forth to Lowell’s sister’s house to collect our things and have almost completely settled. I am a little behind schedule with my not already having pictures on the wall as most of you know how quickly I can get moved in, but it is coming real soon! You can contact me via email or text if you’d like updated contact information.

I also got a new phone last night as mine suddenly decided on it’s 2+ years post acttivation that working effectively was out of the question entirely. This awesome new one is supposed to be a blogger’s best friend kind of phone, so perhaps I will dabble in that a little bit down the road. And, today we officially signed away all our California (paperwork) ties and are officially [born again] Texans. *Happy dance!*

The kids love our little neighborhood, love living here, and are just so excited that they already have SO many friends. Although, they abosutely do not like being here when we are in the midst of a very bright and loud rain storm. Such desert children; don’t know what real rain storms are like! However, I am totally loving all the rain with it’s lighted splendor and the booming excitement that follows.

Lowell’s been busy with working. Such a guy! Just hit the ground running with work at his “real” job and doing a bunch of side stuff as well! Have I mentioned recently that I love him? I love you, Sweetheart!

We are all alive, well, and loving life! I have some cute pictures of the kids from Halloween to get up here soon. But, here is a little shout out to say we are still here and I haven’t forgotten about getting back. I really miss all the blogs I follow. But, like I sorta mentioned above, we are just about totally settled into our routine of life, so all my little things will be resumed soon too.

Happy Weekend!


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