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Merry Thanksgiving

Hello! How are you? All is well in our small corner of the world. Life treats us well, the kids are growing fast, and we are already at the end of the first week in this Advent season of awaiting the birth of Jesus.

Lowell left in the middle of November for a job and won’t be home until sometime before Christmas but we are all doing well and he is so loving his job :) which makes me so happy.

We celebrated a quiet Thanksgiving without him. We had plans to spend the day with our friends, but the morning of I discovered there was lice amongst us. Yuck. So, we were on quarantine until yesterday when we finally left the house (Alleluia!) (because there was no evidence of parasites; thank you Nice Lice Lady!) and hit up Costco and Winco. We also got a Christmas tree. You’d be so proud: I tied it down on the suburban, unloaded it, got it trimmed some, put it in the stand, and brought it in the house all alone! The plan is to deck the halls on Sunday for the feast of St Nicholas.

Our Advent has been a quiet one thus far. We have activities lined up to celebrate St Nicholas, Immaculate Conception, St. Juan Diego & Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St Lucy. We are going to make ornaments again this year, but really just keeping it quiet and not too worldly where we can help it by slowly bringing out the trimmings and having all the crazy shopping well out of the way. And, I am not sure when, but we will get a family picture taken when our HoH (Head of Household) is home with us again and hopefully get some Epiphany cards out to some of you. If they don’t make it out, we’ll certainly post some here!

So, with that said, and with a brief, current update from my brand new Cyber Monday Steal computer(!), I need to scoot. I am fresh out of any excuses to be more regular again, so keep your fingers crossed that I will be back soon!


2 thoughts on “Merry Thanksgiving

  1. Hi Joanna, looks like things are going well for your family. Congrats on the latest little one in the oven😊 I’m looking for a new computer also. Can you tell me where you got yours and how much you paid. Thanks, Aunt Roxane

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