*In a Nut Shell

Liar, liar

Unfortunately, we have a liar in our home. A big one!

The catch? He is so obvious. Phillip has been trying, unsuccessfully, the past few weeks to get himself out of trouble in the most cunning ways.

For instance, this afternoon he and George were tossing a football in the backyard. Naturally that wasn’t exciting enough so it mysteriously flew over the fence. I allowed George to run out to retrieve it but cautioned them both that if it left again it wasn’t going to be saved. In ten short minutes, the boys came back to me. Phillip stepped forward and said, “Mom, somehow the ball picked up itself and threw over George’s head and then flew over the fence! How did it do that? Can we go get it?”

And yesterday, for St Nicholas’ feast, they were left some treats. Before Mass, Phillip was found on his bed hiding under his blankets. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me that he was trying to figure out who in this world ate all of his St Nick coins. Later, when the kids were enjoying theirs, and he wasnt, I asked him why not. He proceeded to tell me it was because when we were at Church all of his candy coins jumped right in to all the other kids’ bags so it was only fair they all needed to give him 4 since he is almost 4.

One evening last week I found two cups of water had been spilled all over the kitchen floor. I automatically thought it was Miss K as she loves to pour water back and forth between cups and it almost always results in water all over the table and/or floor. But to my surprise, Karolina was completely dry and Phillip was not. I asked who spilled water all over the floor and he first said it was Karolina. But when I pointed out how dry she was and my oh my how wet he was, he told me the most amazing story! He was playing in his room with Lego’s and then suddenly he heard the cups crash in the kitchen (that is the whole length of the house away) and that water splashed all over his pants and socks. From the kitchen! (So that explained his pants, but what about the floor?) Well, since he was wet he came to the kitchen to get a towel to dry off but the towel flew to the laundry by itself so he just rolled on the floor to get dry but it just made the floor wet.


Then there was this morning when all the ornaments had moved to new branches and were clumped together. When I asked how it happened, Phillip reluctantly stepped forward and said that it was the Grinch. The Grinch came when we were doing school and he & Karolina went in another room. He sneaked in and he moved the ornaments around just so he could get Phillip in trouble.

That mean ol’ Mr Grinch.

I mean how do you keep a straight face? How do you come up with this stuff? He has done this like 5 other times but those three were the craziest. So, I haven’t disciplined for the non truths, but I have lectured on the importance of honesty and taking responsibility for one’s own actions. It has helped. Some. I see him stop and think about it before he decides to open his mouth with honest accountability or some outlandish tale.

Atleast I hope he is thinking about what I said…


10 thoughts on “Liar, liar

  1. I love it! That boy can tell some tall tales!!! Awesome!
    Oh! And may I request a blog on how to move with a family. The do’s and don’ts. What you should do and what you would have done different. Etc..


    1. it’s incredible! I hope he gives it up as he grows older or he stays really obvious and making it too difficult for him to tell a big lie when he is grown! ;)
      I have often thought about a moving blog. I know I have posted some, in part, over the years with each one we have made, but I will compile some of our adventures and post soon!


    1. It’s so true! The other day he came to me with an open black marker and was all “inked up” He said, “Mom! Somehow somebody got this ink pen all over me!” The tragedy. Poor kid is a victim to heinous crimes of an invisible evil doer 😂


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