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A Story of Birthday Cake

Today is Phillip’s 4th birthday. Where has the time gone? I can assure you I have no idea, but I am aware it has been one thrill after the next with this guy! He is our most affectionate and our 0 to Angry in .5 seconds all rolled in to one. He is so funny and so serious. And always has the most interesting things to say or ask about.

Anywho, this year to celebrate he wants burgers for dinner and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I made the cake this morning after breakfast so it was well out of the way for the rest of the day and plenty cool to frost for the singing and eating. When the cake was finished, I pulled it out and set it aside to begin cooling and then hopped in the shower.



Being the creative mom I am, I decided that I would just put extra frosting in the deepest, lower right corner and just hope for the best.


Everywhere those little fingers dug created nothing but more problems for me and trying to spread nicely.

"After The Muddy Storm"
“After The Muddy Storm”

It doesn’t look awful but it doesn’t look pretty either. With my clever title for my piece of art, it led me to another idea: Mud Pie. Now, typically mud pie is made with pudding, but I figured this was pretty dang close. So I texted Lowell and asked him to stop and pick up a little bag of gummy worms and we would just make a “Mud Cake”

And we did.

The Schaper way.

Without further ado, I present how Lowell managed to save the cake and make it … unforgettable!




The USS PHILLIP III sank (because he is no longer 3 but 4) and the gummies aboard ship tried to flee to safety but were attacked by anacondas (gummy worms) and sharks. Don’t miss taking note of those peach ring life preservers. And with the storm of kid fingers and the rush of anacondas and sharks to eat the survivors, it created a muddy-like scene.

And the best part?

The kids are COMPLETELY clueless about the story being told by these little gummies. Infact, they think the ring of sharks is a camp fire-fire pit.

I love their innocence. I just love them all and everything about this! Especially my goofy husband.

Happy Birthday, Phillip!


It just doesn't get better than this!
It just doesn’t get better than this!

4 thoughts on “A Story of Birthday Cake

  1. Best cake save I’ve ever seen! Happy happy birthday godson! I love your hugs and cuddles and sneaks of my coffee. Miss you tons and love you forever!


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