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Happy 2016

This year for new years, Lowell’s sister Grace was in town with us. So much fun getting to see her and catch up on life and all the little things that fill it. She ended up babysitting for us so we could go to a little new year’s eve party with some of our friends. That was a total blast! It’s been a long time since we went out kid free, with other adults, and just had an all around great time that we’ll remember for a long time to come. I am so so grateful to be in Texas and for all the beautiful blessings God has given us in being here.

Auntie Grace brought books for Christmas and everyone was reading to her
Auntie Grace brought books for Christmas and everyone was reading to her
Lowell posted this to facebook and made our newest member public to that social circle ;)
Lowell posted this to facebook and made our newest member public to that social circle ;)

Baby #6. It’s existence and upcoming arrival has slowly trickled it’s way out to the great big world. We just announced to the family when we found out and have let it come out as it comes out since then. Lowell originally wanted to keep it quiet and just show up with a newborn one day! But, seeing as I get vastly huge carrying typically huge babies, as well as practically moving in to my OB’s office for NST’s and ultrasounds twice a week at the end, we settled with just telling the family and letting everyone else just figure it out.

I found out about a month before we moved. Over all it has been a pretty smooth ride. A little bit of nausea. Mostly just tired. No real rage this time, and I don’t have a person either. (some of my pregnancies there has been that one person who just drives me batty with everything they say and/or do; and in some pregnancies, I have uncontrollable rage and go from zero to pissed off in 1.2 seconds) My craves are for all things salad and beef, and I detest chicken and the handling of it raw most especially. Also, strangely enough, I am craving classic Arby sandwiches with horsey sauce. I mean, I see the beef connection, but man oh man! Just the thought of it makes my mouth water. It’s good, or bad??, it’s so expensive otherwise we’d probably eat dinner there every night!

I have a wonderful OB out here that specializes in working with high risk pregnancies. She said she really likes me and looks forward to working with me since I keep things under such great control. She said I can try for a VBAC as long as baby stays under 10 pounds because she’s all on board for avoiding such a major surgery if it can be helped. I am quickly approaching the half way point and plan to completely omit carbs from my life again. Since the last week or two we were in Cali, I sort of dropped my carb omission and have allowed myself to partake in their delicious terrible-ness far more often than once a week on Sundays. I am also aiming to only eat soup and salad, if it comes to it, in the final 6 weeks. I want that VBAC!

Anywho, back to the fam outside the womb…After Christmas, we took the kids roller skating since the older three all have skates now. This rink we found is super neat because it has little roller guides to help newbies on the rink. George, Phillip, and Karolina all got great use out of them! Actually, of the younger three, I’d say Karolina came out the most pro! ;)


Now, here we are on the Solemnity of The Epiphany. We celebrated extra early, pre-solemnity, with the kids because Lowell was called back to work so was going to miss it and the kids really wanted to spend it with him. We got family books and games for the special day and it couldn’t have been any better. As simple as we try to keep Christmas, I need to remember that it really can be even simpler.

Christmas is still thriving in our home though! I try to keep it all out and present until the Baptism of our Lord, but this year it may come down after the actual Epiphany since we are still on Christmas break and this pregnancy has left me on the more tired side of things, so I will take advantage of not being in school and use my energy for that.

Have a wonderful week!


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