*In a Nut Shell

Guess Who



Last week, this child came out with their splashy yellow “wig” and toting a Lego filled purse.

A short while later, this child returned in boots. Then ran off to play with their siblings only to return once more in a small dress up dress and handsome blue skirt.

This kid was totally owning the new look.

Have you given it any thought as to which of our five-post womb children this could possibly be?

Behold: The Reveal!!!


I just… I can’t!! I cannot help but die in hysterical laughter everytime I look at these pictures!

I had to stay composed when this guy just casually showed up more and more decked out in his drag queen attire. I mean. He just owned it.

“Yep. Here I am. Playing with the kids. Oh hey, who put a movie on?”

Later that night I flipped through my camera roll and cried in laughter for probably 20 minutes.

I absolutely LOVE little kids in all their craziness and wild imaginations. I especially love my kids and their willingness to just be themselves. No matter what.

And this?


As I wipe another tear away. THIS will always be one of my most favorite memories of Phillip, along with https://thelowellschapers.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/anti-judah-wear/, and this oldie but goodie of one summer evening I called everyone in for dinner. I was at the sink when the kids all shuffled in, and when I turned to start prayers I see this


I mean seriously?! Just totally owning it. “Oh hey, let’s get started. I’m ready for dinner. Let’s pray!”

I just… I can’t! amiright? SO so funny!


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