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How We Do Tooth Fairy (now)

We don’t make a big deal about all the mythical, legendary, tall tale wonders of beings like the those found in the evil side of All Hallows Eve, the Easter Bunny, Santa is pretty down played, and the tooth fairy.

Halloween is celebrated in a light fashion, and if they want to get all dark or gory, they can dress as a martyr. Our kids are mostly aware at this point that it is a true vigil celebration of All Saints.

We don’t even “do” the Easter Bunny. But, there are a lot of families who do, so I am constantly eyeballing our know-it-all children during Easter tide making sure they don’t shatter some random kids happy dreams of a giant bunny hopping around the yard, dropping their dyed eggs and other treats for them to find before the other child(ren)’s parents are ready for them to know.

Our kids know we celebrate Easter as Christ’s resurrection and opening the gates of Heaven for us all. Although, I’m pretty sure it is more just a Holy celebration for accomplishing their suffering 40 long, miserable, difficult, trying, immeasurable whole days without sweets or tv. Not that they even get sweets regularly. And tv consists of Wild Kratts, Pluto, and Little House on the Prairie if/when it comes on.

Santa is St. Nick. When they ask if Santa is real, I always have to explain St. Nicholas story. Yes, he is real and he is very much alive and well in Heaven. We tell them that he is helping Jesus keep track of who is doing their best and who isn’t. Because Christmas IS Christ’s birthday and He gets so many gifts that He shares them with kids all over the world.

We do the Elf on the shelf, but he is a personal representitive of St. Nicholas for Jesus in our home during Advent. As for all the flying reindeer, up and down the chimney, and the presents, I just let them ramble on and make up their own theories. We never confirm or deny. Faith and Felicity have it figured out. And I’m pretty sure George is there, too. Now, it’s a matter of those eyeballs again making sure they keep their lips sealed. Because Santa.

Now, the tooth fairy. The legend of the tooth fairy has kind of just been there at our house. Put your tooth under your pillow and the tooth fairy will bring you some change for it. Sometimes, the Fairy forgets to show up.

“What if the Fairy doesn’t know I lost my tooth?”

Insert calling the tooth fairy to remind her that there’s a kid waiting for some moolah. But then…

“What is the tooth fairy’s number? How did you get it? Why does the tooth fairy only bring us like $0.60 and so-in-so $5.00? Who is the tooth fairy? Are you the tooth fairy? What does the tooth fairy do with our teeth? Why does the tooth fairy even need/want our teeth? And why do we get paid for it? Why does the tooth fairy only come when we are in a deep sleep? How big is the tooth fairy? How does the tooth fairy reach all the way under the pillow for the tooth without waking us up?”

And all I want to know during these questions, and more(!), is: why do we do this tooth fairy gig?!

So lame.

Anyway, the point of this whole blasted post!

George pulled out his second tooth today. Such a proud guy! I was so impressed he just yanked it out on his own. It was definitely a huge boost to his ego that he could face that trauma all on his own. No biggie, Mom!

George (6) with his second 'lost tooth'
George (6) with his second ‘lost tooth’

So, there we were at bed time again. That time when your kids have everything to tell and ask you about.

(original poster’s page)

And George had all the age old questions mentioned above. Who? What? Why? When? Where? How? So I carefully maneuvered through each one as to not lie but also keep it entertaining. He was really set on the deep sleep and how does the tooth fairy reach the tooth AND leave money without anyone knowing.

So I offered that maybe the tooth fairy is like a bug and only comes out when it’s dark and late because s/he’s scared of people.

His eyes bugged out. He hadn’t considered this concept! Like a bug. He quickly agreed that that made a lot of sense. And, if that was the case, he hoped the tooth fairy wasn’t like a cockroach. Then Phillip chimed in and had to point out there is no way it could be a roach because the tooth fairy has wings. But, I had to burst their poor, hopeful bubble to inform them that roaches DO have wings.

Both boys just sat and stared at each other. Eyes huge. They couldn’t believe it. The tooth fairy is a cockroach. Then they tried to reason their way through it. What does it do with the teeth? I had to also inform them that roaches eat ev.er.y.thing. so it probably just eats those teeth right up. Ahem, if this theory is infact true.

So, I tucked in my nearly speechless boys tonight with kisses, blessings, and a tickle while the murmured with each other about the cockroach tooth fairy. George said, “I feel like this makes the most sense because roaches only do come out at night! So, if Mom is right and they actually fly….” and then he got the shivers and covered his head. As I walked out, I heard a muffled “It Better Not Be A Roach Fairy! I DO NOT Want That Nastiness Crawling Around Under MY Pillow!!!!”


4 thoughts on “How We Do Tooth Fairy (now)

  1. At first I was going to tease you for being a big bah humbug. ( though I completely agree with everything you said) but then you explained the celebration of the feast while simultaneously helping guide them through main stream ideology. Helping them to “imagine” God in all of these secularised holidays must really give them their own deep love of Him. I think you have given me more to emulate in this wild mom journey. Thanks 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! It is in no way perfect by any means, but Jesus is the reason for just about all the seasons, or some Heavenly affiliation, so we really focus on that as much as we can while still allowing for some of the secular fun :)

      But, you’re right, it is a pretty Grinchy-Scrooge approach in the opinion of the world. Haha :) “ba humbug!” 😛 I am just too straight a shooter for some of this stuff. Keep it real, it requires WAY less maintenence. IMO anyway. xo


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