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Free Money {part 1}

This is totally not family related, but I have been wanting to share this exciting information with everybody who might be interested in making free money doing things you already do.

Hard to resist, right?

One day, about 2-3 months ago, per the usual twice a month searches I do to find ways to make a little extra money, I must have worded a search good enough that I stumbled upon a wealth of free money to be found using my email.

It’s a pretty little thing called Inbox Dollars.

Everyday, they email you survey opportunities, products you can sign up for, and more. Most of the time, all you need to simply do is “Confirm This Paid Email” and they will drop 2-5 cents in your earnings. And, if you take the survey or sign up for the promotion, or whatever it is the email contains, you can earn $0.25-$15.00!

So, at the end of the day, when I am not too tired, or when I am waiting to be seen at the doctor’s office, I will spend 30 minutes or so confirming emails and taking surveys. Some nights I only earn about $0.25 and other nights I earn as much as $2.75.

Inbox Dollars has other little perks as well. They have a little search engine that you can make random searches on and every 4 valid searches you make, you can earn $0.02-$0.05 PLUS sweeps. And if you search on 4 days in a week, you can earn more money and more sweeps.

Sweeps are what you are rewarded for using their Billy’s Spin & Win (you earn spins when you don’t qualify for a survey), or an added bonus to your using their search option. You can apply your sweeps in a lottery to earn anywhere from $5-$250 in cash to your earnings or you can use it for a Target gift card in matching amounts in each category. And, back to Spins, will also earn you $0.05, $0.25, $1.00, or $5.00.

You can also check in for special missions, earn money on cash or free offers simply signing up for things (I earned $3.00 just for signing up for the Target *debit* REDcard via their link), downloading apps and keeping them on your phone for a week or so (or if it’s a game you have to complete up to a certain level), watch videos, or if you use Groupon, you can make your usual search and purchase through Inbox Dollars and get some money back for it.

Finally, they have a Win It option where if you follow them on facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, they share a WinIt code that will give you sweeps, a little bit of money, spins, or a combination of 2 or all.

My only caution with using Inbox Dollars is that you create an email address especially for it. Or use an old one that you haven’t used in ages for one reason or another. The reason being is everytime you sign up for a survey, it “sells” your email and you soon become flooded with all sorts of scam emails looking to help you save or make more money. You can use Inbox Dollars on your Mac, PC, or tablet, or you can simply download the app. I personally like the app best, but depending on how addicted you get to making small money, but hey, MONEY! will determine how/where/when you use it.

You have to earn $30 increments to cash out. You can receive your money via eCard (gift cards that can be used online or in-store by showing your smartphone or printing it out), prepaid Visa card, or check. If you decide to try this ultra amazing offer out, please let me know an email address I can send a referral to and then I can earn a little extra too.

I have made almost $20. Like I said, it is free money and a way to make my phone work for me in a constructive manner when time allows.

In the next few days, I will share some info about my other 4 favorite apps I use without going out of my way to use them to make some extra money via coins, kicks, and price matching. Yes, it requires the use of your smartphone and being mindful of pulling it out, but hey, free money!


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