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Bumpdate Revisited

Ooooooh baby!
Ooooooh baby!

I went in to hang out with my OB for a baby/fluid/movement/tone ultrasound and an NST this afternoon.

The baby again did not cooperate for the NST, but proved to all it is quite a happy camper. Or really peeved camper. I do hope it is the former and not the latter!

All looked good in the ultrasound though! My placenta is holding up well. Baby is “breathing” real well. There’s still extra fluid but it is consistent levels week to week so the Doc doesn’t seem too concerned.

Then there was the baby.

I meant that the nicest way possible! :)

Baby is looking pretty chunky already. Big ol’ poofy lips. Big ears. Thick thighs. Huge abdomen. Basically, I am 34 weeks and 1 day today and baby is measuring 36 weeks.

My doctor is such a gem: she refused to give me a weight estimate because she knows how preoccupied I am with keeping this not-so-wee one under 10 pounds so doesn’t want me to do something drastic to control that. She left the screen open when she left the room while I stayed behind to wipe the goop off my belly so I stole a picture of all the info she gathered.

When I got to the next room for NST, I plugged the numbers in…

This baby weighs 7 pounds!!!!!!!!!

This 34 week and 1 day baby weighs as much as my 37 week and 1 day newborn, Faith.

I ate whatever I wanted, within reason, during that pregnancy and have literally limited myself to rice cakes being the worst thing I eat on my very regimented diet.

The conclusion? My body is crazy. The end.

However! I just had to share this big news so I can ask for any extra Hail Mary’s you may have in your day for this baby to stay under 10 lbs. And perhaps, maybe, if God isn’t too busy, He can allow a delivery in like 3 weeks instead of 6.

34 weeks 1 day
34 weeks 1 day

It really isn’t so bad. I am super eager to meet this little person face to face and find out what his/her personality will be like outside the womb.

Let the countdown begin and let the weight gain subside just a bit. Ready? Go!


4 thoughts on “Bumpdate Revisited

    1. It is officially time to switch over to husband tees. I had a shirt on over this but it kept blocking the real result as my arm wasn’t long enough to “picture it” and keep second shirt out of the way 🙄 thank you for the Hail Mary’s, lady! ❤


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