*In a Nut Shell

Top o’ Tuesday to ya!

It has been a wet spring thus far. The kids are totally loving it wholeheartedly!



They claimed they were Indians
They claimed they were Indians

I decided that now is now and that I am going to let them love every minute of their muddy, backyard adventures. Let them be little. So I did, and they did. For hours, I might add. And, today turned out to be laundry day so it was a double win!

In the meantime, I have put myself on serious take it easy mode. Last week I went on and on about meeting this new baby and being eager to get that ball rolling, but after looking at the calendar and the next week or two, it would be really helpful if we could make it until May. Not to mention, the longer this baby spends in utero, the healthier it is sure to be at birth.

I have been contracting pretty regularly the past few days, only a few have stopped me in my tracks, though.

I swear the baby has figured out where the Exit is because it’s new favorite thing is to get real low and push hard. Then to watch it kick and squirm while pushing is rather comical. I envision it swimming against a wall determined to break through any second. It’s actually a matter of mixed emotions, for me, between gearing up for a water break and laughing at what must be going through baby’s head and working through the discomfort of said attempted break out.

Needless to say, baby has dropped and I am officially not wearing my regular pants. I made it 35 whole weeks before having to dig in my maternity box.

I am cutting short here. I need to help my big girls help me with this next load of laundry. Another day in the life! I love it, mud and baby-breakout and all!

Happy Tuesday!


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