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Hello world!

So I went in for my 36 week checkup, NST, and ultrasound today. No baby measurements this week, but it is head down and still in constant disco mode in there. Wow this baby is active!!

However, my fluid levels are up real high. Healthy range of fluid levels is in the low 20’s. Mine are at nearly 32! The doctor can’t believe I am not gasping for air at this point.

We agreed we are going to “talk baby” After we do measurements all around, and probably check to see if I have even begun to dilate at all, at my 37 week appointment next week. Based on all of that detail, we are most likely going to do an induction of some sort at what I am anticipating early the following week. Got to keep it simple, but effective, due to wanting that VBAC and not wanting to rupture.

So please keep baby and me in your continued prayers. I am at peace with another c-section if that’s God’s will, but still am praying fiercely baby cooperates and is still under 10 lbs next week.

This pregnancy has turned out to be the most difficult, physically. But all things considered, it really is still going well. Even if I am officially bigger now than I was just before delivering Miss Karolina in all her 11lbs, 10oz AND excess fluid then as well.

Anywho, the real reason behind today’s post is to ask for you to contact me one way or another if you have any intentions I can take with me into labor and delivery. I love to take advantage of my crosses! :)

Lowell and the kids are all doing well. We’ve just about wrapped up the school year, Lowell and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary last week, and we celebrated his birthday earlier this week. I only have one fun picture from those days, but they were wonderful just the same!

We love beer, alcohol and non-alcoholic rootbeer ;)
We love beer and rootbeer ;)

Lowell made me a yummy spread of amazing foods, salad, cheese plate, smoked fish, etc. for our anniversary. We paired it with sips from various beers and wines along the way. It was such a treat!

Some of our banquet
Some of our banquet

I love this man ever so much and am the luckiest girl on the planet getting to call him my own!


6 thoughts on “Send Prayer Requests

  1. Praying for you and the baby that all goes well. I assume the Dr. will strip your membranes first to try to start labor and I hope that works and all goes smoothly! Pray for my sons, my husband and I please!

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    1. Hi Laurel, that’s what I am thinking she will do, too. I hope it’s enough! Thank you so much for your prayers, and thank you for sharing your prayer requests with me. I have it written down and will start now 😊


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