*In a Nut Shell

37 weeks and…

…Baby is breech, baby is in the 10 pounds family, and my amniotic fluid levels are 35+.

The verdict?

Basically an emergency C-section, scheduled for Friday morning at 10:30.

It all started when my doctor measured baby’s head and it was 42 weeks. Then, when she proceeded to measure the abdomen, when she was part of the way through the measurement, it stopped counting at 42 weeks and 3 days. Wow-we! And those fluid levels!

My doctor is blown away that with such great control, and all my dietary changes, etc, that this has happened. She suspects that perhaps even with exemplary control my body is still indeed a diabetic body. Her greatest concern right now is the stress on my C-section scar with the weight of the baby on top of all this fluid.

I met this information with tears. And, my doctor did too! She really is the sweetest. I genuinely feel like she cares for me and my baby and our wellbeing. That being said, I totally trust God’s plan for us. Yes, I am trusting through tears, but God clearly has something more important up His sleeve than my giving birth the way I had hoped.

I will still take all of the intentions shared with me into my surgery and recovery. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers! I have been showered with gifts via virtual baby shower my mother- and sisters-in-law are throwing me on facebook. I have never had a shower, and they wanted to help me out with things they knew I most likely needed new of being 6 kids in. And, one of my good friends is already setting up dinners being brought to us since I will be out of commission for a bit. I am overwhelmed by the love and support found in all my circles.

Thank you all so much! Please keep us in your prayers on Friday morning and stay posted for pics and introductions sometime soon following here on the blog.

36.5 wks. 27 lbs. What you call “ALL Baby”



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