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The Moment Has Arrived!

May I present our newest family member: Miss Anastasia Marri.


She was born on Friday morning via c-section. She had flipped back to head down between the Wednesday appointment that showed her breech, but then flipped again when I was sliced so ended up coming out ankle first! The doctor had a bit of a time wrangling her, but she was indeed wrangled and came out in perfect [ankle first] order.

Anastasia soon made 5 squeaks and just spent the rest of the time taking everything in before she and I got our bond on while I was getting sewn up. We soon discovered that when she wants her momma, which is really just code for “I want to nurse…NOW” she simply will just yell. Not cry. She has statements to make people.



She weighed in at a surprising 9 pounds and 15 ounces and measured as our shortest baby at 19.6 inches. She is happily ranked in the middle of the weight score board as of now.

She is such a sweetie pie, even with all her toddler strengths and abilities. She can push herself up, she can find and suck her thumb, she is a pro nurser, and if you aren’t the momma when she wants the momma, beware of the evil eye and arching back. And the yell!


All of the kids made their predictions, the morning of, as we drove them to Lowell’s sister’s house to be babysat. Karolina was the only one who voted girl! Actually, Lowell was leaning more toward girl as well. I thought for sure she was a boy, but hadn’t settled 100% as there were a few things that just kept reminding me of being pregnant with Felicity, and well, I thought she was a boy too!









We are all in love and so excited she is here. Although the end got a little trying for me with the excess fluids and ended up needing the c-section after my dedication to not getting one, this has been the best pregnancy, delivery, and recovery experience I have ever encountered with medical personnel, offices, and hospitals in all the places I have lived and dealt with throughout the country. With that being said, I am almost sad it is over. Thank You, Lord, for Your never ending goodness and blessings to me and my family.

So here we are on Mothers Day 2016. The only thing I hoped for the most was the gift of my baby in my arms happy and healthy, and I was given it.

I have a long recovery road ahead of me, but I am carrying y’alls intentions with me along the way. Thank you again to everybody for the gifts, the love, and most especially the prayers.

3 days
3 days

4 thoughts on “The Moment Has Arrived!

  1. She is so beautiful, congratulations ! You are such an amazing example that when things don’t go you’re way, smile and be grateful of your blessings! Prayers for a speedy recovery !


    1. Thank you, Jamie! It isn’t always easy, but being always mindful of it definitely helps me keep things in their proper perspective at the end of the day. :)


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