*In a Nut Shell

Our New Life

We have survived our first week as a family of 8. I only had 2 emotional breakdowns! Those are pretty common for me in the first month post baby.

Anastasia is such a good baby. She seems to have her days and nights in their proper time zones and eats every hour or two. I know we are only 8 days in, but I am so truly thankful for the way things are going!

I did a little too much on Tuesday and Wednesday, so have made huge efforts to stay focused on me and my healing body. I owe it to myself and my family to heal up well. So I have stayed put on the couch or in bed, or getting up to relieve my bladder. (Random side fact: being able to fully empty an actual full bladder after I have a baby is probably one of my most favorite things!) The tricky part is maintaining tunnel vision and not notice the little things I would usually wipe or pick up while enroute. I literally have to tell myself the order in which I am doing something as I walk to make myself follow through! HaHa! I am still undecided as to whether I will go to Mass in the morning. My heart longs for Jesus, but I also don’t feel 100% enough to brave an outing yet.

We are continued to be showered with love, sweet congrats, gifts, and dinners. We are so blessed! Even one of my brothers, who lives out of state, ordered us groceries to be picked up so we can make an easy dinner, and families we have met only a handful of times have signed up to bring us food as well. And Lowell has gone above and beyond his call of duty being 200% (thats two hundred percent) more helpful and hands on around here than he already is! That man has spoiled me so much this week. He has made me special foods and pampered me, making sure I take it easy and just let my body heal and bond with our little princess. ♥

The kids are totally loving the addition of their little sister in our family. They’re all eager to hold her and love on her every chance they get! Karolina especially loves her “Stasia” and is quick to jump and help do anything for her. She (Karolina) will proudly boast that she is the “big sista!” to all who talk to her about it.

{5 days}

We wrapped up school for the year. However, it is just too early and these kids need something constructive to do. I am looking at ordering the girls some math drill books and some cursive books. I have found a lot of free/cheap things to do on pinterest as well so we will be set once I am ready to get out there. We are on a waiting list to get them into a classical charter school in the fall. This will be a huge adjustment for me, maybe even more so for me than the kids! But, part of coming to Texas was the flexibility of putting them in. I haven’t given up on homeschooling, and will take it on come fall if we haven’t been accepted yet, but I don’t feel as though I am the best mom AND teacher. So, when I found this school and heard about so many other Catholic families attending, it seemed like God was opening a door to an unworded prayer I have had in my heart.

We are still working on the details for Anastasia’s baptism. I feel like a failure, of sorts, as this is the first baby we’ve had that the date wasn’t already set and good to go. My heart aches to have it done ASAP, but we will see how it all works out. It may not be until July! Which is okay, but aside from birthing a healthy baby, baptism is a huge priority that keeps me up at night. Maybe I am just emotional and hormonal because pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding can do that to a lady. Anyway, I am trusting God will shine through and His will will be done in this matter in whatever time frame He sees fit.

4 days
4 days
Not very glamorous, but she was getting stretched and liked it ;) {5 days}
Not very glamorous, but she was getting stretched and liked it ;) {5 days}
Because it's one of my faves! "Hellllooooooo"
Because it’s one of my faves! “Hellllooooooo”

P.S. I have more blankets, but these muslin swaddle blankets are my most fav!! How I had 5 kids before and never had any boggles my brain. I probably wouldn’t have had a blanket tub to move across the country 63551799373652 times because a handful of blue/pink swaddlers would’ve fit nicely in both newborn tubs ;)


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