*In a Nut Shell

And then it hit me…

I was sitting in the quiet of my living room on Sunday afternoon. Just the newly born little princess and me. I didn’t go to Mass, but had just finished praying a rosary, reading the readings, and making a spiritual communion. I looked down at Anastasia, who was hanging out contently in my arms, and was suddenly overcome with another, deeper wave of love for her.

That opened the flood gates and my heart was taken over with such a love for my little family and my man. It was an overwhelming sensation! I was moved to tears and thanked God from the depths of my heart and soul for His continued goodness to us.

It’s not that I don’t love my kids or my husband everyday or with my whole heart. But I think I get so caught up in the motions that I forget what it feels like to feel that love for each of them and it strikes a chord.

If I can love these humans this much, how much must God love us??

And then this was all followed by: I have SIX KIDS. Six! When did I become a homeschooling mother to six kids, making trips to Costco and Winco, play dates, park days, Mass and rosaries and confession, answering questions about why babies are so cute and how many bones does our bodies have?

It’s what I always wanted, but I think because I never had a “plan of action” and have taken being a wife and mom one day at a time, trusting my instincts, and listening to what my heart says and not so much what friends or Google thinks about whatever-the-matter-is is why I am who I am. I dont mean that in a self-proclaimed way at all! This life isn’t just about me and my happiness, health, and salvation, it is about 7 others as well!

I love to serve my family. To give all I can for them. That is what makes me the best version of me, along with encouragement and love from Lowell.

In assessing who I am today at 30 years old, with 6 babies, in a span of 10 years of marriage, I cannot imagine my life in any other spot. I used to think I wanted to be busy with lots of friends and being close to my huge family for support and bbq’s. (The female INTJ I am screams in wonder why I thought that’s what I wanted lol) But, this is what I want. The life I didn’t necessarily plan for, but definitely hoped for; this life God has molded for me while I have taken one day at a time is one of pure beauty.

As I wrap up this happy little diddy, that has been brought about compliments of the happy hormones after birth, I want to thank my family and Lowell’s family for loving us just the way we are in our quiet, crazy, but happy little life. We love you for it.

Happy Monday, folks!


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