*In a Nut Shell · *Precious Moments, Snap!

Precious Moments {take 4}



Random weekday shenanigans with these folks!


All my girls and I took on Costco and lived to tell the tale. The baby slept ’til checkout in the Ergo, so we shuffled over to the food court for a snack for everybody and a mocha freeze for me. We were given a van and I actually love it! I always told Lowell I just wanted a second suburban and never a big van, but I love this sweet ride and am so grateful for this blessing to our family.


Anastasia wanted to nurse, not take pictures! ;)



My sweet girl. You guys, she is such a doll! I love her to bits and pieces. Just shy of 4 weeks here.


El Niño. Go away-o. We’ve gotten LOTS of rain the last 2 weeks. The grass is super long and everything is swampy. We are ready for some steady sunshine, yard work, and outdoor play time.


During movie night, this chick decided she was over it. I came back from the bathroom to find the above scene. She said “Hi Mom! Me a biaper” as that’s where the diapers and wipes typically go. Silly girl!


Who needs Saturday morning cartoons when there are plenty of books in the house? Karolina started this creative project and the big kids thought it was the coolest ever!! In this picture, the animals were gathering up to say the rosary. Hashtag MustBeDoingSomethingRight


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