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New AGM Post

I am the new blogger for the pro life movement AudioGirlMinistries.com.


I was sought out by one of Lowell’s “moms” from his St. Michael’s highschool days. She is part of the group and when she heard they were looking for a new blogger she said she thought of me right away.

I am so touched and honored to be part of this! I’ve ways felt the call to do more for the unborn, but it hasn’t been easy on the physical level due to my own babies and homeschooling, etc. So when I was contacted, I was overwhelmed and excited to take it on as a small way of doing more.

Anywho, go check out my most recent post over there and let me know your thoughts either in a comment there or here, or both!

And if you ever want to check in over there, you can find a link to their website under the Our Work category here on my blog page.


5 thoughts on “New AGM Post

    1. If you meant graphic, I do apologize. I usually don’t pick a picture to go with my posts over there, but will keep it in mind in the future if I send y’all over there! ;)


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