*In a Nut Shell

Eight Minutes

When I am on top of my game, and don’t need to shave or wash my hair, I can shower in 8 minutes.

That is 8 minutes from when I step into my room to stepping out of my room after dressing to check the status of my tribe and our dwelling.

Today, I was on top of my game. I didn’t make a big deal about disappearing down the hall for 8 minutes, just whispered to Faith and Felicity to keep an ear out for a then-sleeping Anastasia and to put out any fires, literally and figuratively.

I should have known what kind of 8 minutes it was going to be when Karolina tried plowing through the bathroom door before I had the chance to turn the water on. It was the first intrusion of FIVE to tattle, ask for string cheese, tell me Phillip was crying, and there was something about Faith and something about George.

Now, before I slipped away, George was tasked to finish cleaning the lunch mess and to sweep or vacuum the floor as its his chore this week.

As you can see, the table and floor is done, but the lunch mess?
As you can see, the table and floor is done, but the lunch mess?

So that was my kitchen, in 8 minutes.

On my way to the kitchen, I discovered my girls’ bedroom had been attacked by a someone or something.

Tornado? Hurricane? Robbers? Whatever who/what it was, they built and took shelter from it!
Tornado? Hurricane? Robbers? Whatever who/what it was, they built and took shelter from it!

And then there was the living room. It isn’t unusual for the living room to get untidy, but this?!

My rug!
My rug!

Okay, I should have mentioned way earlier that we spent all morning picking up. All the floors were clean except for a few stuffed animals here and there.

Eight minutes!!!!!! My children are impressive!

Oh, and then we have the mystery ordeal. Somewhere in between Karolina’s running in and out of my room to tattle and whatnot, she was able to turn up with messy pigtails and…

BBQ sauce
BBQ sauce

What is mind boggling to me is 1) the location of the sauce, and 2) how/when/why? Nobody saw her get into it, get it on herself, or put it back. And when you ask her, she says she doesn’t know how it got there. And when did she have time to do it when she was bringing me news every other minute?!

Eight minutes, people, Eight. Minutes.

What can your kids do in 8 minutes????


4 thoughts on “Eight Minutes

  1. Truly impressive. This is when us heathen mothers put the baby down for a nap and turn on Clifford. Even Molly mayhem will sit for 8 minutes, but definitely not 10.
    I love the hiding tornado makers.
    My kids FAVORITE time to play well is after we do a good cleaning, because they put all the toys/puzzles/ blocks together where they can find it. Go figure.

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    1. See, I am not ashamed to admit I would typically be a heathen in this case. However we only have access to dvd & Blu-ray, but! our remote has died a bad death so we haven’t had the tube on in almost 2 weeks. 😨
      My kids favorite time to play is when everything is clean as well. I love the quiet the follows the tidy :)


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