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Summer Report

Hello, world!

We have had a busy summer thus far and it’s been alot of fun. Pictures speak a thousand words, so I will share some and elaborate when necessary!


We had a shin dig to celebrate Anastasia’s baptism and included some early Independence day celebrations as well (thanks, Gallaherd!).

It was pretty much one of the hottest days we’ve experienced this summer, but it was still so much for! We had nearly 40 kids, friends from church, guys Lowell works with and their families, and family from out of town, too! Lowell’s parents and oldest sister drove in from Virginia and Anastasia’s godparents drove in from California. We had sprinklers and a slip and slide for the kids and cover with misters for the adults. A big THANKS to Lowell’s parents and his brother, Cy, for helping us get ready and for helping keep things tidy throughout the day!


Anastasia’s godparents, the Gallaher’s, aka Lowell’s cousin Robert and one of my best buddies, his wife Elise, hung out for a few extra days after the shindig. Elise is early pregnant with #6 and was such a trooper with putting up with our heat spell. I so enjoyed their visit and was sad it ended so soon! Looking forward to another get together with them hopefully sooner than later. (No, I did not take one stinkin’ picture of our girl with the godparentals…)


Felicity turned 8 last week! She really is blossoming and is my little mother-helper. She loves Anastasia and is always quick to do something for her. She is still quite the fire cracker and is turning out to be a bit of a flirt, but she has such a sweet disposition and wants to please God in everything. She asked me to cut her hair this week because she loved it so much and wanted to offer up it being much shorter.


My sister flew in to town with her 2 kids to see us for a few days this week. It was such a nice visit!! Her kids are so squishy and cute. And! her oldest, Dean, killed flies for me. A boy after my own heart! I told him he could come to auntie’s house whenever he wants ;). Another visit that was just too short, but like all good wives, she wanted to get back to see her man.

We have been without our van for a month. The guy fixing the motor in it for us is giving us a great deal so we can’t complain. But I am definitely ready to get out of here and take the kids to splash pads, swimming, playing at parks, going to library, etc. I had it all planned to take them to Dollar movies and free bowling and free skating but without a vehicle, we have done alotta notta.

Thankfully, we have made wonderful friends who have been willing to come pick the kids up or bring kids here to play so we haven’t been isolated by any means. Infact, one of George’s new friends is his same age and they look like they could be twins!

Anywho, I am going to wrap it up with a few random kid pics. I will post an update with pics of the baby soon!



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