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11 weeks

Anastasia turned 11 weeks yesterday. Where does the time go and SO quickly???

She “woke up” like all the other kiddos have at 6 weeks. And, with that awakening came her realizing her immature G.I. tract is uncomfortable, in addition to being a little human stimuli sponge. Both issues, according to my extensive research, peak at prime time of day in what is known as rush hour at hour house. That time of day when you have to make dinner, eat dinner, clean dinner, clean kids, pray, and put kids to bed.

So, I put her on a regimen of probiotic and fish oil. And I got her a binky. Well, my sister left me a binky when she was here, but I got a different style that Miss Chubette seems to like alot more.

All of this helped some, but she has still just been so upset at night. So finally on Thursday evening, I used a dropper and gave her like 1/4 tsp of sugar water and then yesterday morning I gave her somewhere between 1/4 and a 1/2 tsp. She was perfect. All day. Then in the afternoon, she had a HUGE diaper explosion. Last night she fussed a bit, but passed out by 9:30. Woke up to eat a few times in the night but went straight to sleep. She woke up this morning at 7, had another stinky diaper and went back to nap at 9. She seems like a new baby!

Either a) she is growing out of it, b) all the probiotic & fish oil is working, c) the sugar water reset her little self, or d) all of the above. If she isn’t growing out of it just yet, I am anticipating another 1-3 weeks of this as 4 of the others did around 12-14 weeks.

Post partum is definitely going well, but it has been the most different. I am still so achey inside and have zero pelvic floor strength. My goal is to figure out getting into a routine and start building myself up and then working up from there. I hope to get that going before I start school with the kids sometime in August.

So there is the 11 weeks update. It just wouldn’t be complete without some pictures, so here you go!

6 weeks
6 weeks
8 weeks
8 weeks
9 weeks
10 weeks
11 weeks

2 thoughts on “11 weeks

  1. I hate that “waking up” phase where they’re no longer sleepy NB but not aware enough to be entertained. So it’s just all that fussin’. I felt that it peaked right around 6-8 weeks for us too, and got slightly better after, week by week!! Maeve was a movement junkie at that point and would often require Tom to walk her around for a long while before falling asleep. HOWEVER, I’ll take that any day over Lena’s extreme colic for 4 weeks!! Now that Maeve is 5 months (!!) we’re back into sleep issues territory, which I anticipate will last until she’s about 1, like the others, haha! No rest for the weary! Thank the Lord they’re cute right?! Anastasia is just adorable and has some impressive hair!

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    1. Anastasia loves movement as well, but not as much as she loves to be outside. She is instantly! silent the moment you step out the door with her. It’s just highly inconvenient when 5 others need mothered…
      I did extreme colic or something with Phillip until he was just about 1. He either grew out of it or was cured by the fish oil I put him on. 😫 there is absolutely no rest for the weary and I understand all the time why so many saints are Mothers! ;)
      Thanks for loving on my girl and her hair! Miss K had much much more, but Anastasia is definitely a close second. 😊


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