*In a Nut Shell · *Sailor Daddy Woodshop

Sailor kids

Lowell hasn’t been in the woodshop in ages.

It is covered in dust, not saw dust.

I know he misses it, but he is so slammed with work, all he wants to do with a free minute is hang out with us or take a nap.

The kids have taken it upon themselves to carry on the Sailor Daddy ways and create some masterpieces of their own! It’s great to see things coming out of the woodshop and it is even greater to see how incredibly talented our kids are. They definitely carry on some carpentry genes, not from me!

"Window" made by George 6
“Window” made by George 6

For his first project, George made Lowell a window. Lowell works ’til way passed the kids’ bedtime, so George left it on his pillow for him. Lowell was so confused finding this in the dark, but as I explained it and he clicked on a light, he was extremely proud of George’s ingenuity. It sits proudly in our room now housing some of Lowell’s bigger items that he piles on the dresser daily.

"Book Crate" made by Felicity 8
“Book Crate” made by Felicity 8

Felicity made herself a book crate to keep all her piano lesson books. It is pretty roomy so she can keep her favorite books in there as well. One of the bottom panels has popped off, but it is still strong and sturdy!

"Coffee Table"
“Coffee Table”
Made by George 6
Made by George 6

This little coffee table hasn’t stood the test of time, but it has been such a gem to have around when all 4 legs are cooperating!

So, even though Sailor Daddy hasn’t been in the woodshop, Sailor Sons & Daughters have been!

I am very proud of their little, big accomplishments and am excited to see what more they can come up with.

George says he wants to do “Hardware Store” and sell his creations to folks as they drive by the front of our house. Quite the entrepreneur we have on our hands; look out for serious competition, Sailor Daddy! ;)


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