URGENT! Prayer Request {update 6}

Update from the family this morning:

Sheamus is making slow progress. He is opening and closing his eyes. He is moving around a lot more. He is starting to digest mamas breast milk better. He has made a few good coughs and spit up a little (good signs). We still need him to gag and swallow. That would be a big hurdle! For now the Dr has put off the surgery to instal a trache and feeding tube to allow him some time to heal and develop. If he can learn to swallow and gag he may not require those surgeries. Keep up the prayers.



Today’s update is pretty big! Thank you so much to everyone who has sent up prayers for Sheamus and his family!!

I was able to send personal written requests with one of the ladies in our homeschool group all the way to Lourdes AND Fatima. Feel free to add the Blessed Mother in her titles of Lourdes and Fatima to the intercession prayers of Ven. Sheen and St. Raphael for Sheamus and his family.


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