URGENT! Prayer Request {update 7}

From Erica’s mom 9/30:

Erica is feeling much better. Today she was able to hold Sheamus, skin to skin. He is very peaceful in the arms of his mommy and daddy. Thank you all for your prayers offered for my loved ones!


And, from earlier in the day (9/30), an update from Erica’s sister:

My beautiful mother, Theresa, holding Sheamus Padraig for the first time. She loves her grandbabies with a quiet, fiery passion. Here she is holding him for the first time. She was even able to feed him his mama’s milk. Editing to say that Sheamus is now 7lbs 14 oz.


It was noted in the comments that:

 And I have to brag about Erica. She just went through major surgery. When she realized he couldn’t have her breast milk because of the prescription pain medication she stopped taking them so he could have it as soon as possible. She’s a good mama!

His feeding tube is the tube you see in his mouth. At birth, he weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz.

Leaps and bounds, everybody! 4 whole ounces and little bits of movement.

We aren’t ready for the Olympics, but you guys! This is big!

Please keep praying!


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